Abbott Label Installs Domino Ok600i Twin Bar Digital UV Inkjet Printer

In February 2020 Abbott Label added the Domino N610i digital UV inkjet printing machine to its label printing arsenal last year to complement the HP Indigo WS6600 and expand its digital capabilities. Commenting on the installation, John Abbott, President of Abbott Label, said, “We were completely satisfied with the HP, but we wanted to get into the inkjet market because we believe it will better serve the markets we sell in. We have many options for consecutive bar codes. In some cases we cannot record these with the HP. Our calculation models with the Domino have led us to believe that we can be extremely competitive on consecutive barcode jobs. We expect that with the Domino we will be better equipped to cater to our customers’ needs. We will be looking for numbering jobs and long runs of high colors with no need for plates. “

A year later, Abbott Label further increased its digital printing strength and capacity with the installation of the Domino K600i digital dual-bar UV inkjet printer.

John describes his experience with the Domino K600i Dual Bar below, the business impact of COVID-19 and the drivers and trends for further investments in digital printing for his business.

COVID-19 presented unique challenges that we were able to address through new policies and procedures. The health and safety of our team members is always our main concern. We invested in new plumbing to wipe equipment down between shifts. Required masks must be worn by everyone in the building. Several tests were also carried out to ensure the best possible quality of work. We cannot thank and praise our team enough for their adaptability to protect one another and keep our customers happy.

The demand for variable data printing (VDP) has increased. With the rise in e-commerce and logistics, especially last year due to COVID, we are seeing an increase in VDP demand.

We bought the Domino N610i for long runs with high colors a year ago to get a foothold in the variable market. We could fill it with work quickly. With this success, it was again an easy decision to work with Domino again. The K600i Dual Bar was an easy choice due to its variable printing capabilities and lightning-fast printing speed (up to 492 fpm). Adding the K600i to our Mark Andy 2200 flexo press doubles our running speed and is perfect for large VDP projects.

Consecutive barcodes, numbers and QR codes.

We expect the Domino K600i Dual Bar to offer three main advantages. On the one hand, with the higher speeds, we can record more long-term VDP work and produce it very quickly. Second, we can become even more competitive in this long-term variable imaging market. And third, it frees the N610i for more custom work. We can work more efficiently and grow at the same time.

Yes, I want to send a message to our industry friends – our label mates – who, like everyone else across the country and around the world, are dealing with extraordinary situations in this unprecedented time. Abbott Label’s team is an expert in helping label manufacturers with their professional challenges. These challenges can include a press down, insufficient printing capacity for the current workload, or needing assistance with a VDP project. Abbott Label is committed to providing the best functionality and fastest turnaround in the industry. If label printer converters need manufacturing assistance during this stressful time, please contact me toll-free at 866-228-0100 or via email. You can also contact our Marketing and Sales Manager Hayden Wier. Please stay safe and sound.