Ahold Delhaize Banner Meals Lion Invests $212.5 Million in 112 Mid-Atlantic Shops

SALISBURY, NC – Do regional investments lead to growth in the entire network of a company? This is the question Ahold Delhaize set out to answer with the Food Lion banner when it unveiled a recent investment in the Mid-Atlantic region. The company has invested $ 212.5 million to remodel 112 branches in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. The conversions will include an expanded selection of new products and services, as well as a more seamless shopping experience.

“Feeding our neighbors in the cities where we operate is central to everything we do. We look forward to welcoming customers to their fresh, new Food Lion,” said Meg Ham, local president Food Lion for decades can now enjoy a new shopping experience by making significant investments in our businesses, people and communities. From our expanded selection and range of products to a more efficient check-out experience, every change we have made will make it easier for our customers to find the quality products they have come to expect from Food Lion. Coupled with our daily low prices and weekly sales and promotions, customers will find that we’ve made it easier for them to feed their families with everything they need on a limited budget. “

An economic impact study Towson University’s Regional Economic Studies Institute (RESI) showed that the conversions will have an economic impact of $ 360 million These Food Lion stores serve in the 112 mid-Atlantic cities. According to a press release, the refurbishment of Food Lion will not only add more than 2,300 new employees, but also increase state and local tax revenues in the five states by 40 million US dollars.

Food Lion invested $ 212.5 million to remodel 112 stores in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia

To celebrate the completion of the remodeling, each store is offering random freebies for the next week, ranging from reusable shopping bags to gift cards.

Some of the changes customers will see include:

  • Extended variety and assortment across all departments that are relevant for our customers in every business
  • More local elements can be found in the “Local Quality” section
  • More natural, organic and gluten-free products
  • A plenty of choice of fresh products and meat backed by Food Lion’s double money-back guarantee
  • A wider variety of simple and affordable family meals and a wider variety of take-away items
  • A more efficient checkout process that makes it easier for consumers to get on and off
  • Fully redesigned stores with new signage and groupings of similar products to make items easier to find
  • Additional safety equipment and protocols for a safe and clean environment.

Approximately 40 percent of these converted stores now offer Food Lion To Go, Food Lion’s grocery pick-up service. Thanks to the practical service, customers can place an order and collect their groceries on the same day. In addition, many of these stores Offer home delivery So that the neighbors can have their food delivered to their doorstep by Food Lion in just one hour. Customers can visit the company’s website or the Food Lion To-Go app to confirm availability and place orders.

In addition to taking on more than 2,300 new employees, the renovations of Food Lion are expected to increase state and local tax revenues in the five states by 40 million US dollars

Food Lion has now remodeled more than 90 percent of the current network of more than 1,000 branches in its 10-state operating area.

Keep an eye out for more reports while we wait to see how these conversions fuel Food Lion’s growth.

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