Ahold Delhaize banners Large and Cease & Store faucet into ’90s nostalgia

Diving letter:

  • Ahold Delhaize started a marketing campaign for the 90s, according to the banner brands Giant Food and Stop & Shop Press materials.
  • The campaign highlights classic favorites from the 90s and early years, broken down into daily sections. For breakfast there is Kellogg’s Froot Loops muesli, Eggo waffles and pop tarts. Lunch features Smucker’s Uncrustables, Totino’s Pizza Rolls, and Lunchables, while dinner includes Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli, McCain Smiles Crispy Mashed Potato Shapes and Stouffers Lasagne. There are also snacks (Fruit Gushers, Chex Mix, Fruit Roll-Ups), desserts (Chips Ahoi !, Popsicle Firecracker Ice Pops, Pillsbury Confetti Funfetti Vanilla-flavored icing) and drinks (Kool-Aid Jammers, SunnyD, Capri Sun).
  • The websites operated by Stop & Shop and giant This includes new digital aisles from the ’90s where online shoppers can browse the typical groceries of the decade in one place and have “some much-needed fun,” said Dyani Hanrahan, vice president of marketing at Giant Food, in a statement .

Dive Insight:

Ahold Delhaize’s latest campaign is a blatant reminder that the 1990s were over for twenty years Years and draws on a marketing strategy that other companies have also used. Kraft Heinz food conglomerate have restarted their classic Cheez Balls In April, General Mills is selling Dunkaroos again, and in 2014, Coca-Cola brought back its Soda Surge.

Reviving vintage slogans, jingles, and packaging is a popular strategy, especially in turbulent times. While the 2008 financial crisisFor example, numerous brands have sparked a collective nostalgia for “warmer and fuzzy” times. Ahold Delhaize’s campaign announcements made explicit reference to the fear-inducing and worrying effects of the novel coronavirus pandemic, which is bringing consumers’ attention to products from the 1990s. Throwback marketing campaigns are too a popular tactic during the economic downturn when marketing budgets were cut – – Repackaging old, successful products requires a lot less investment than developing a completely new branding.

The 90s, the last decade before the internet broken mass popular cultureoffers a particularly strong sense of a shared past. Before taking over TV streaming, there were a lot of memories associated with food from that decade They rely heavily on television advertising, including the products featured in Ahold Delhaize’s new campaign.

Even Generation Z consumers who weren’t alive in the 90s are still a target audience for these campaigns. nostalgia Instagram accounts are growing in popularity, and reboots from hit TV shows from the decade like “Full House” have drawn younger folks to explore pre-social media pop culture. Market researchers advise brands not to rely too heavily on cultural nostalgia reserved for a specific audience, but also to rely on cross-generational cultural references to connect with younger consumers.