Amazon Launches New Banner | Deli Market Information

Monday November 11, 2019

We first heard the news that Amazon was planning to open a new grocery store in July this year. In the first announcement, it was touted as an alternative to whole foods. After a development this morning, we now know that the e-commerce expert is executing its plans to become a big name in retail, speakers have confirmed CNET that Amazon is planning open his new banner in California next year.

The company teased the news when it did published several job postings on his website, but an Amazon spokesperson confirmed CNET that would be it New grocery store opens in Woodland Hills– a neighborhood in Los Angeles – in 2020.

Although Amazon said the store will be different from Whole Foods, the source did not provide any further details. The selection, the price range and the brand name are still open to speculation. In the job posting, however, the Woodland Hills location is referred to as “Amazon’s first grocery store”. This can mean that the banner is associated with the company’s brand name. It also indicates the possibility of multiple websites.

We were surprised to learn that the new store doesn’t have Amazon Go technology and opted for more conventional checkout scheme instead.

Does this new initiative mean that Amazon will soon be a full-fledged brick-and-mortar grocer? Deli Market News We’ll keep you posted as we watch the company’s advance into the grocery trade.