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Sheetfed’s digital color platform for the bright future of commercial printers

A history of innovation in color and printing technologies helps Kodak provide commercial printers with the right technology, at the right time, for the right applications.

Jeff Zellmer, Vice President Global Sales at Kodak, gives the American printing team an insight into the NEXFINITY platform

Jeff Zellmer

Jeff Zellmer previously worked with Kodak Executive Chairman Jim Continenza and was aware of his previous successes in business turnarounds. Zellmer has been in printing and technology companies since he was in college.

When Mr. Continenza invited Jeff to Kodak, he enthusiastically accepted the opportunity to use his experience to accelerate Kodak’s transformation.

NEXFINITY reliability

Since joining Kodak, Jeff has focused on reworking the Kodak sales process. One area he spends much of his time in is enhancing the recognition of the NEXFINITY Digital Press Platform as THE choice of growth print company based on three characteristics:

  1. reliability – In production environments, any bug or hiccup that slows down production is a profit killer. From the supply of materials to the smooth flow of paper, the NEXFINITY platform is optimized to reduce and avoid downtime due to paper jams and paper jams that take up valuable minutes less time for production. Print operators find it intuitive, easy to learn, use, and maintain. The work moves quickly from loading the material to the finished print and contributes to overall operational efficiency. Color station changes are quick, and Kodak dry inks deliver exceptional, even color and an enhanced finishing touch.
  2. versatility – The NEXFINITY platform is an excellent choice for printers who want the flexibility and capacity to produce a wide variety of substrates and applications. NEXFINITY’s digital platform is perfectly designed to support short-term, custom applications that require a wide range of substrates making up an increasing percentage of print jobs. NEXFINITY was developed for a fifth color station and expands the scope of printing applications, including increased printing decorations. The unmatched versatility of the NEXFINITY increases the overall productivity and the handling of a wide variety of substrates.
  3. Print quality – The NEXFINITY platform leverages Kodak’s “images on paper” expertise to develop dry inks that deliver brilliant, flexible color output.



Jeff shares, “We have customers doing 110 to 150 different jobs every day in a shift environment. This is not possible on most competitive digital presses, and of course it is not possible with analog technology. It can also be difficult to achieve in an inkjet-only environment. This versatility in one device enables printers to serve a wide variety of customers. “

Business builder

NEXFINITY is a profitable platform for commercial printers. Technology, capable of producing the widest range of high quality, custom applications, including transactional, direct mail, packaging, commercial printing, and photo books, sets a printer apart. This differentiation means more chances of winning for both existing customers and new, high quality customers. NEXFINITY helps improve the image of a printing company into a high-tech business partner, helping customers realize their most unique and valuable projects.

Kodak logo
Kodak sees a bright future for commercial printing powered by the NEXFINITY digital color press.


NEXFINITY is an ideal platform for printers to apply to a wide variety of substrates with a wide range of inks and colors including Metallic Clear, Gold, Dimensions Clear, and Opaque White, and generate new revenue with high quality creative applications.


“The Kodak NEXFINITY delivers high quality results for customers to grow their business with.” Jeff Zellmer


Kodak Joshua MulveyAn advisory partnership

Jeff views Kodak’s relationship with the commercial printing community as an advisory partnership. Finding the right solution for a given company requires working together to fully understand the goals and current production environment. With this knowledge, the Kodak team can identify the right technology to improve the customer’s business.

Once the NEXFINITY platform is determined to be the best fit, the process alerts the buyer to unique applications that could be created due to the platform’s versatile technology. Jeff adds, “We believe this type of collaboration opens up opportunities for everyone.”


NEXFINITY’s dry ink technology platform helps printers become profitable.
new customer opportunities while increasing efficiency and reducing costs.


New customer training facility

Kodak opens a new training facility and customer experience center in Dayton, Ohio. Customers will learn about the full range of Kodak printing technology and applications and have the opportunity to interact with technology experts.

The facility offers training on NEXFINITY features to help buyers create unique and profitable applications that less powerful presses do not support.


“We show our customers the unique and impressive NEXFINITY prints that we have
produced in-house as well as creative examples such as high-end works of art. “


Kodak Explore ImageMandatory

NEXFINITY is a compelling solution for commercial printers looking for a robust, flexible and effective digital color press. The impressive combination of a proven platform, exceptional dry inks, specialty enhancements and production-friendly operation makes it the perfect choice for manufacturing operations looking for the flexibility and capacity to support the full range of applications that today’s printer end-users require.

NEXFINITY – phenomenal press, underrepresented

Jeff shares, “The NEXFINITY platform is an excellent choice for printers. I want printers to know this is something they should look into for their business. It’s alive. It’s new. It will help them get business and grow their printing facilities. And it’s just a phenomenal product that I think is underrepresented in the market. “

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