Apple web site banner now says retail shops are closed ’till additional discover’

Late on Friday, Apple announced that all Apple stores outside of Greater China would be closed until March 27th. Over the weekend, Apple added a banner to its homepage to notify customers that “our retail stores will be closed until March 27th”. However, this message has now been changed …

As spotted by 9to5Mac readers, the banner is now “Our retail stores are closed until further notice”. As far as we know, Apple retail has not yet notified stores of any change in plans. The FAQ page for store closings also says March 27th.

However, it seems that Apple is preparing for the likely scenario where the deadline needs to be further extended. The global coronavirus pandemic continues to affect more and more industries without a clear end date.

Like all companies, Apple is adapting to the changing situation. However, almost all scientific models suggest that the virus will only peak well beyond the end of March.

The government yesterday released guidelines advising to minimize gatherings of more than ten people and a store environment is certainly busier. Internationally, many countries are locked and are unlikely to be completed by the end of the month.

From today’s perspective, Apple will officially reopen on March 27th. However, it would not surprise anyone if this were to be further delayed and the website announcement was ready to accommodate such schedule changes.

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