Arknights: International Will Repeat Thorns Banner “Mistake” Regardless of Developer Apology and Promise | Arknights Wiki

On August 8th, three days after the event was officially announced, the developers issued the following apology and promise along with a future plan and compensation:

Thank you for your focus and support from Arknights. Due to the long duration of the summer events, the large amount of content, and the improper arrangement, we regret that we are causing confusion for players about the arrangement of the events. Meanwhile the description of [Heart of Surging Flame] The retrospective is not complete and detailed. To introduce the future arrangement of summer events and retrospectives, devteam has added this dev news here to show more about the mechanism of summer events and retrospectives.

We strive to bring brand new events, gameplay, and content to everyone. This is what we mainly focus on in our future development and operations. While the retrospective event only acts as an addition to the game content and not as the main part of the game. No new operators will be introduced in future Retrospect events.

With the retrospective events, we want to offer players the opportunity to review past game content between two new major events. Therefore, all flashback events will be implemented in an abbreviated form from the original, significantly reducing game time, total rewards in the Event Shop (which may require sanity), gameplay rewards, and mission rewards. Future retrospect events will be abbreviated in a similar fashion in terms of the cost of sanity and game time, and the gist of the retrospective event will primarily be aimed at the content.

Our goal is to give new players the opportunity to receive one-time rewards. For players who earned the rewards in the original event, we will be providing headhunting resources and materials in the Intelligence Certs shop. In the meantime, we will be adding some new stories in flashback events to enrich the story and game experience. Devteam prepared for the summer event of this year [Gavial, the Great Chief Returns] and [Ceobe’s Fungimist] as the main part of the summer events.