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Liskarm has no time for your gimmicks. She has bullets in her pistol, lightning in her shield, and artificial resistance in her blood, and you only have time to see the first one if you stand in her way. Liskarm is a unique defender with a ranged attack, great survivability or art DPS skills, and passive SP generation for neighboring allies. He’s definitely a remarkable operator.

Despite her dynamic power, Liskarm suffers from masochistic tendencies. Both skills have the [Getting Hit] SP charge type and their SP recovery talent also depend on being hit. Their skills are also fairly short in duration and can take a while to recharge [Getting Hit] SP, too, to help with her talent. In the worst case, Liskarm’s capabilities are only ready to use when they are too far in a wave to be useful. But if they get online at the right time, Liskarm will do its job like a well-oiled machine. A well-oiled machine full of lightning.

I don’t recommend pulling for Liskarm if you are a beginner as it can be difficult to use. I also don’t recommend pulling for Liskarm if you’ve already reared two or more strong defenders. However, it is worth dragging them out once you understand their skill interactions and are ready to add another defender to your roster.