Arrow Programs Launches New Pigment-based Digital Printer

Arrow Systems has introduced the new ArrowJet Aqua 330R, the latest in digital label printing. This new product is a high-speed aqueous pigment press that offers improved print quality and greater production flexibility than previous aqueous inkjet technologies, the company said.

The ArrowJet Aqua 330R, powered by Memjet’s DuraFlex printhead technology, offers customers the benefits of digital printing, as well as improved durability and high speed through the use of aqueous pigment inkjet technology. The digital workflow offers the flexibility to change designs on the fly, print on demand, implement variable data, and make color changes without changing inks, plates, or tools. In addition, the use of a pigment-based aqueous inkjet ink offers greater substrate compatibility than previous aqueous inkjet technologies.

“The ArrowJet Aqua 330R is the first US-made roll-to-roll press with an integrated Colordyne ChromaPlex LT inkjet press,” said Shaan Patel, Arrow Systems Business Development Manager. “The impressive speeds and capabilities of the system offer several benefits, including improving production efficiency, reducing operating costs and providing exceptional resolution. The ArrowJet Aqua 330R’s modularity is specifically designed for end users, giving customers the flexibility to tailor the press to their specific market and application needs. “

The new press offers high resolution of up to 1600 x 1600 dpi and print speeds of up to 50 m / m. The ArrowJet Aqua 330R can either be configured for offline operation or combined with various inline finishing options, including laser cutting and traditional analog Finishing. Fast speeds and low ink costs enable this system to provide one of the highest production rates and lowest printing costs when printing narrow web digital labels.

“We are very excited to be working with Arrow Systems as a strategic integration partner for our ChromaPlex LT press,” said Taylor Buckthorpe, Colordyne’s sales director. “With the integration of our aqueous pigment inkjet engine, the ArrowJet Aqua 330R is compatible with a wide range of applications to offer customers added value.”

The ArrowJet Aqua 330R features large unwind and rewind with a capacity of up to standard 20-inch rolls, in-line edge guide, in-line IR curing, and built-in RIP software for precise color matching and variable data printing. The modularity of the printing machine technology offers the possibility of combining several print heads for larger printing widths. Arrow Systems is currently working on a 17-inch model for the flexible packaging market and will be exploring other custom widths for customers in various industries around the world.