Aurora upgrades 3D steel printer

Aurora Labs, listed on ASX, has managed to improve the smoke evacuation capabilities of its flagship RMP-1 prototype 3D printer and maintain its competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving 3D printing market. It is important that the company did this without compromising the print quality. According to Aurora, the on-time and inexpensive delivery of the smoke evacuation upgrade is part of the 12-month development path.

According to management, upgrading the prototype’s smoke evacuation system addressed the key issue of how to safely and efficiently remove laser-generated pressure condensate, mainly soot and smoke, from the printer’s build chamber without downtime.

The upgrade was performed during the routine year-end printer shutdown and is now back in operation. Parts are still printed for customers.

Aurora specializes in developing metal 3D printers, powders, and digital parts. The ultimate goal is to license the technology to manufacturers for an ongoing license fee.

Most importantly, the company said the latest smoke evacuation upgrade keeps Aurora on track for the planned launch of a commercial 3D printer in the second quarter of 2021 that can print from a range of metal types including stainless steel, bronze, and even titanium.

Management said it will now focus on fine-tuning the performance, quality and production volume parameters for a range of full-size customer parts.

Aurora Labs’ chief executive officer Peter Snowsill said he was extremely pleased with the impact of the company’s smoke evacuation project and had a high level of confidence in the technology capacity of the RMP-1 printer to produce market-driven print results.

With the industry-wide problem of smoke evacuation limiting the speed of 3D printing more generally, Aurora’s latest advancement in making a commercially viable high-speed 3D printer is paramount.

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