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Jim and Sylvi Caporale cut a ribbon in front of their American Flags & Poles store on Wednesday afternoon in honor of the shop’s 25th anniversary. (Photo by Michele Newbanks)

MARIETTA – A ribbon cut was held on Wednesday to celebrate the 25th anniversary of American Flags & Poles.

Local government officials, employees from surrounding companies and the Marietta Chamber of Commerce attended the ceremony.

Jim and Sylvi Caporale have owned the company since 1995.

Sylvi describes the store as “A variety with a focus on the United States of America, with products made in America.”

She said they are trying to wear products that help someone express something.

“Whether it’s vacation, whether it’s your belief, your grief or your enthusiasm for a sports team” She said.

The health of the original owner, Homer Smith, changed and the Caporales were looking for a new business, so they bought the business.

Sylvi said there is a need for her type of store.

“You have probably never seen a store like ours with its focus on America and the love of the country.” She said. “People come from everywhere because they know we have these products.”

The tourist office and the presence they create for Marietta are valuable to the store, she said.

“Some people see America and come in because of America” She said. “Some see the exterior decoration of the apartment and come for it. We change the windows every two weeks to keep it fresh and inviting. “

Many visitors to the facility are surprised because they offer more than just flags. She said she even heard that from people who live in Marietta.

It’s been 25 years but Sylvi doesn’t see the store going to change much in the future.

“People know who we are and like who we are” She said. “The personal service that we offer will be continued strongly. We do that and we do it well. “

She said the only change is what is trending in products. The availability of products is currently a key issue.

One of the most important parts of their business is the large underground flagpoles that they sell.

“The 80-foot flagpole at Bridgeport Equipment was ours.” she said, noting that they have added flagpoles to their other locations as well.

“I just got back from Huntington’s and put in three bars. There were two more Poles at the weekend, one in Lowell and one in Parkersburg. “ said Sylvi.

Amber Kohler, sales representative for United States Representative Bill Johnson, R-Ohio presented a proclamation congratulating them on 25 years in the business.

The proclamation stated that the Caporales “Strive to provide the best customer service, the highest quality products, and an overall great experience to everyone who visits your stores.”

Marietta’s Mayor Josh Schlicher also spoke about the 25th anniversary of the store.

“American Flags and Poles is an anchor and landmark in downtown Marietta.” he said. “Sylvi and Jim are doing so much for the downtown area by introducing special events and activities. I wish you another successful 25 years. “

American Flags & Poles will receive the Washington County Veterans Committee Chair Award of Excellence during the Washington County Veterans Hall of Fame induction ceremony next week.

“I think it’s because people know that we incredibly respect and love and appreciate our veterans and what they have done for us to protect our freedom.” said Sylvi. “Our love for America has always been in our hearts.”

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