Bruce Banner’s Joe Fixit Alter Ego Reveals His Secret to Staying Undercover

The Immortal Hulk # 43 has just revealed Joe Fixit’s grand scheme to stay undercover in New York while authorities hunt down Bruce Banner and the Hulk.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Immortal Hulk # 43 by Al Ewing, Joe Bennett, Ruy José, Belardino Brabo, Paul Mounts, and Cory Petit of VC.

Joe Fixit is really in trouble as the Devil Hulk is dragged into the hellish realm of One Below All. He has no Bruce Banner brain to rely on, so it is up to his wits and street smart as he crosses New York and tries to stay off the radar in The Immortal Hulk # 43.

He can’t even call the Gray Hulk; All he has left behind is an emaciated version of the Jade Giant and has to look after him like a little kid. Joe finds life easy, however, as he has a special secret when it comes to staying undercover.

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Now Joe rocks that trucker vibe: a thin mustache, a pseudo-mullet, and a sense of style that was shaped by the streets of Las Vegas. Beware of his inconspicuous face, his sunglasses and his brightly colored clothing. It’s the perfect way to fit in while looking bourgeois enough to ignore. But he admits that it’s the facial hair that does the job, because with a clean-shaven Bruce, it’s easy to spot him on the news or bulletins. Therefore, he also knows that the businessman he is stealing cannot describe him.

He just has that kind of unforgettable face, which is why Joe loves the stubbly, unkempt look as no one will think twice about looking at him. He’s disarming enough, and with his disgusting demeanor, people just want to ignore him. While the mustache has the effect that a meek Clark Kent puts on glasses and no longer looks like Superman, but Joe complements his familiar mood and sloppy body with his disgusting behavior, he transforms Bruce Banner’s familiar face in his mind and becomes one unrecognizable man on the streets of New York.

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So Joe meets a saleswoman at a jewelry store and encourages her to immediately try to clear him from her mind. It’s a calculated move that shows how Joe knows how to work people’s minds and use their own scars against them so he can benefit from it and stay hidden from the public.

The icing on the cake comes after his credit card frenzy, which enables him to pawn the items. The pawn shop owner sees Joe as just another bastard, so he quickly gets him out of the house. The fact that Joe has no ID, strong negotiating skills, and a poor attitude helps things further as both parties know this deal will not be in the books.

To top it off, Joe even asks the pawn shop owner to book him as Mr. Gray. When the man asks if his first name is Christian, Joe implies that it is and makes fun of the male lead in the erotic blockbuster Fifty Shades of Gray.

Between all of these things. Joe Fixit makes himself a really disgusting individual that the people around him actively want to forget, which gives him a perfect disguise.

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