Canon Launches Colorado 1630 UVgel Roll-to-Roll Printer


Canon Colorado 1630 UVgel roll-to-roll printer.

Canon USA, Inc., a leading provider of digital imaging solutions, today builds on its portfolio of 64-inch UV gel roll printers and today announced the launch of the new Colorado 1630. This industrial grade printer provides companies that operate in large scale format market access to all the proven benefits of UVgel technology with a lower investment to further expand business opportunities by addressing smaller market volumes. Designed for durability, reliability, and stability, the base Colorado 1630 can be configured to meet each user’s unique business needs by adding modular options such as FLXfinish, a second roll of media, and simple two-sided printing.

Developed for sign makers, PSPs and in-house printers, the Colorado 1630 offers superb print quality of 1,800 dpi as well as extremely durable, odorless and instantly dry prints on almost all media for virtually unlimited applications. In the fastest printing mode, the Colorado 1630 can achieve a maximum printing speed of 1,195 square feet per hour for applications such as outdoor banners and billboards. Even in high quality mode, the device can deliver a cruising speed of 312 square feet per hour.

The new versatile printer offers the same high productivity features, output quality and media diversity as its faster sibling Colorado 1650. Using Canon’s unique UVgel 460 inks used with the Colorado 1650, the new 1630 produces razor sharp prints with a wide color gamut. Extremely reliable and easy to use, this sturdy workhorse offers maximum uptime and quick turnaround. Operating costs are minimized thanks to the printer’s efficiency combined with less waste and approximately 40 percent less ink consumption compared to other technologies, so customers can maximize their bottom line and grow their business.

Users can benefit from uninterrupted production with instant ink refills that, when combined with unparalleled automation features such as nozzle monitoring, printhead maintenance, and winding the media advance, avoid unnecessary downtime. In addition, the Canon Remote Control app is now available, which can be used to monitor all Colorado printers. This application enables users to remotely check printer status, supporting hybrid work environments. The remote control app can also send alerts with updates, warnings and errors of printer status to users’ mobile devices to ensure the printer is working properly to help meet deadlines.

Colorado users can also benefit from Canon’s ProCare customer service program, which enables customers to maximize availability through parts access, preventive maintenance, and remote support to increase productivity and minimize downtime.

With the Colorado 1630, all print service providers (PSPs) have access to the unique UVgel technology.

The modular architecture of the Colorado 1630 allows customers to start with the standard base model and, depending on business needs, add all of these additional features to create the deluxe model. Start with one roll of media, but a second roll of media option can easily be added as the run length increases. The precise media handling of the Colorado 1630 further improves its efficiency and enables an almost perfect registration for double-sided printing. The Print Side option also allows customers to print on the inside and outside of the roll for maximum media versatility.

In addition, the optional FLXfinish module, which gives any print flexibility for a matte or glossy finish, uses a unique LED curing technique that adds visual impact to applications such as banners, wall coverings and POS materials without the need to change inks or materials Media. This technology also supports printing on porous substrates such as uncoated paper and soft signage materials, helping to further develop new market opportunities. For added convenience, all three options are available in a single upgrade package that can be activated remotely and on demand without the need for a service visit.


The introduction of the Colorado 1630 is an addition to the existing family of UV gel roll printers. In addition to the 1630, the product portfolio includes the Colorado 1650 for customers with higher quantities and the UVgel Wallpaper Factory, which offers an end-to-end automated solution for the production of large-volume wallpapers.

“The technology has really disrupted the market since the Colorado series was launched in 2017. With over 2,000 installations worldwide printing more than 270 million square feet to date, the feedback has been extremely positive,” said Shinichi Yoshida, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Canon USA, Inc. “The ability for our customers and partners to expand their uses and grow their business is a key driver for us at Canon. We have seen increased demand for a UVgel printer that will fit all PSPs We are introducing this new addition to the 1630 to the Colorado printer family so that customers can benefit from a highly automated, robust and stable printer with a modular architecture that offers a high degree of flexibility at an attractive investment level. “

Source: Canon USA

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