Canon Sued for Patent Infringement Referring to Wi-fi Printing

On Thursday, plaintiff Flexiworld Technologies, Inc., located in the western district of Texas, filed a complaint against Canon, Inc. and Canon Solutions America, Inc. (collectively Canon) alleging that Canon infringed the patent in suit through its wireless printers.

The patents in suit are US Patents 9,036,181 (the ‘181 patent); 10,140,071 (the ‘071 patent); 10,481,846 (the ‘846 patent); 10,642,576 (the ‘576 patent); and 10,761,791 (the ‘791 patent). According to Plaintiff, Canon “makes, uses, sells, sells and / or imports into the US wireless printers (and a computer readable medium) that infringe at least one claim of one or more of the patents, including but not limited to suit Canon’s imageClass and image Runner wireless printers (and Canon’s PRINT Business app) ”(the instruments at stake).

For example, the ‘071 patent is entitled “Printer, print controller, printer software, or printer firmware to support wireless or wireless printing”. The ‘071 patent includes’ (a) a printing device that supports wireless printing of digital content … the printing device using the one or more wireless communication chips or chipsets to: the availability of the printing device to the one or the other to send multiple wireless information devices wirelessly Discover the printing device wirelessly for service. wirelessly transmit at least a portion of the output device profile stored in the printing device to one or more wireless information devices that have wirelessly discovered the printing device; and receive wirelessly … print data … “

Canon allegedly infringed at least claims 1-7 of the ‘071 patent through its accused instruments, including its accused wireless printers. According to the table of claims, Canon allegedly violated the suspected wireless printers, including Canon imageCLASS, which “supports wireless digital content printing … using wireless printing technology,” such as Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Canon PRINT Business App, and others. The accused instruments allegedly contain the components identified in the ‘071 patent.

Accordingly, the accused device can “wirelessly broadcast its availability () to be wirelessly detected by a wireless information device (e.g. iOS / Android devices etc.) for the service (e.g. wireless printing etc.)”, and it can supposedly connect to mobile devices wirelessly or through a LAN router to enable wireless printing in a network environment. In addition, the plaintiff states that a user’s device from this environment can detect and recognize the printer that the user can select. The user can then print wirelessly from their device to the printer. This is allegedly achieved when the printer wirelessly “transfers the print data” from the user’s devices such as an iOS via the wireless communication chip (e.g. Wi-Fi module compatible with protocols within the IEEE 802.11 radio standards, etc.) – or Android device receives. to print.

Canon is accused of direct, indirect and induced violations. Flexiworld Technologies has requested a declaratory judgment in its favor. an award for damages, royalties, and costs; Interest before and after the judgment; and other relief.

Flexiworld Technologies is represented by Nelson Bumgardner Albritton PC.