Carlisle Township enterprise Z-Graphics by Jan covers display screen printing and embroidery wants | Enterprise

A Carlisle Township company prides itself on having seemingly no restrictions on the designs it can print and the surfaces it can print on.

Jan’s Z-Graphics at 11343 Lagrange Road has created numerous designs for many businesses and sports teams in the area and beyond.

“We moved here in August 2014,” said owner Janice Susak. “That’s when I bought the business. I moved it here and expanded it. We print and embroider shirts using screen printing. We make banners, signs, business cards. We have been doing a lot of masks lately as these have become mandatory for many places.

“We also make hats … it really is anything we can screen-print or embroider.”

Susak said Z-Graphics is getting a lot of business from schools and local businesses.

“A lot of what we do are local landscapers who are crazy to think about,” she said. “For many of these little landscapers, the best way to advertise is by wearing a shirt. If you shop around with local landscapers, I did the design for many of them.

“For schools, it’s really all the different groups, sports, club sports and bands,” she added. “We really have a lot to choose from and people love what we do and keep coming back.”

Susak said she bought the store because it was a great opportunity.


Jim King, father of G-Graphics owner Janice Susak, picks up shirts after coming out of the dryer.

“My daughter Jennifer Maiden, her children go to (Keystone Local Schools),” she said. “She was involved in the PTA and picked up the custom items from the man who used to run the business. She found out the guy was selling and told me about it.

“I own Scoops & More (528 W. River Road N. Elyria) which is a seasonal store, but I also wanted to add something that I can do year round. So I bought it and it was a great store. ”

Susak said there are no limits to the print and the designs she can do.

“There’s really no limit to what I can print on,” she said. “I also go straight to the item of clothing. The motto is “No job too big or too small, we’ll do it all” and that really goes for the size of an order and the order.

“I also work with clients to customize logos and things,” she added. “You have a design in mind and we work together to get what you want. I also worked from sketches people gave me. So I can really do any design you want.”

According to Susak, Z-Graphics has customers all over the map.

“I actually have a client in Seattle and a few in North Carolina. I do some sports teams down there, ”she said. “But most of the business is here in Lorain County. We make a lot of fires, police and emergency services in the area. We do a lot of government.

“We also travel west a lot to Counties Huron and Erie,” she added. “We did some things in Medina and Columbus too. I also do the decals for cars, like the logo you see on the Elyria police cars.”

Susak said she guaranteed everything they print.

“We are very proud of everything we do,” she said. “We won’t give you anything we wouldn’t wear. There were times when I had to repeat something six times because it didn’t come out the way I wanted it to.

“If we say we’re going to get 99 out of 100 done, we’ll get there by then,” she added. “Occasionally we run into problems when we have something in stock or when something needs to be reworked … but most of the time we meet that deadline.”

Susak said the business also helps youth in the community.

“We’re very focused on children,” she said. “We do a lot of charity work and donations for the Lagrange College Fund. We do a lot of sport. I’ve sponsored some youth sports so we’re really helping the community when we can. “

Susak said the pandemic hit business hard.

“We have lost half of our workforce,” she said. “We have my father, Jim King, he’s 94 years old and still works for us every day. We only have three of us and one part-time stitcher.

“I had to fire some because we just weren’t doing the deal and we had to close for a while,” she added. “So much of my business has been sports and school. I’m slowly recovering, but it will only be one shutdown and I’ll be injured.”

Susak said she was very grateful that the community had supported the business during this time.

“The community really supported us,” she said. “There hasn’t been a lot to do lately, but the community has really grown. I’ve had a lot of people lately saying they would order things online from elsewhere, but they wanted to buy from us and support us through this difficult time.

“It helped; it kept us afloat. I love the community we live in and I encourage people to call us about all of their screen printing and embroidery needs.”

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