Chromebooks had a banner 2020 – TechCrunch

2020 was a strange year in every way. It sure has been a wild ride for those in the consumer electronics category. Take smartphones – there were delays in manufacturing outside of China first, followed by an overall decline in demand. There are many reasons that contribute to the latter, but the simplest and most common is that people just didn’t want to spend money on upgrading their devices.

But the pandemic also changed how – and where – many people work and learn. For many, it was an abrupt shift that required technical investment, even in the face of economic uncertainty. After years of stagnation, plateau and decline, sales of PCs and tablets saw a surge. Earlier this month, IDC saw tablet sales jump nearly 20% in the fourth quarter, partly due to a lag in PC availability.

New numbers from the company (first quoted by GeekWire) suggest some significant gains for Chromebooks during this period. According to IDC’s PC Tracker, the models made up 10.8% of the PC market for 2020. that is an increase of 6.4% in the previous year. The number also rose over MacOS 7.5% for the year.

Even so, Apple grew as a total market share of 6.7%. Both numbers are reflected in the Windows numbers – although Microsoft continues to dominate the market with 80.5% (versus 85.4%).

The numbers reflect positive reports from other companies. In January Canalys stated, “Chromebook vendors have seen new successes in the fourth quarter as the overall market nearly quadruples over the same period a year ago.” Pricing is certainly a factor, along with some general clutter as schools are due of COVID-19 concerns have gone virtual.