City of Wembley trying to honour native veterans with banners


Decker says the banners will include a picture of the veteran, name, and service details. She says the banners are about six feet by four feet.

“I think they will have a pretty big impact and people will really be able to admire the people who have served our country,” she said.

“We hope to connect with these veteran families from Wembley and beyond.”

Decker says the city will implement the program for at least five years. In the next five years, the banners are to be hung for two to three weeks from the end of October. She says after Remembrance Day they will be taken off until next year.

“And then store the banners appropriately so that they have a long life … We hope that the program will be extended and the banners will have a long life.”

The banners are roughly 60 by 1.2 meters, and Decker hopes the program will gain momentum when residents see the banners.

She hopes the program will continue after the five-year pilot project.

“At this point, we will be evaluating the quality of the banner to ensure that it can continue and to ensure that people are still interested in the program.”

Decker says anyone who wants to display a banner to their loved one can order one by contacting Banners are priced at $ 250 and the deadline to order is August 31, 2021.

“After they have made initial contact with us, we will (connect) with them to make sure we get all the information we need from the families.”

The Hamlet of Hythe and the City of Sexsmith are also running similar Memorial Day banner projects.