‘Convict Trump’ banner flies over former president’s Mar-a-Lago house

  • During the impeachment trial, a banner of Trump’s conviction flew over Mar-a-Lago.
  • The former president currently resides in his residence in Mar-a-Lago.
  • “Condemn Trump and imprison him,” the banner read in capital letters.
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According to CNN, a banner calling for the condemnation of former President Donald Trump flew high over his Mar-a-Lago residence on Friday.

“Condemn Trump and imprison him,” the banner read in capital letters.

– Jim Acosta (@Acosta) February 12, 2021

The identity of the person who flown or paid for the banner is not yet publicly known.

The banner flew over his Mar-a-Lago residence in Palm Beach, Florida on Friday as Trump’s second impeachment trial took place in Washington.

CNN reported that the banner flew just minutes before its Senate legal team presented Trump’s defense.

Trump’s attorney Michael van der Veen had at that moment described the House’s impeachment article against the former president as an “unjust and obviously unconstitutional act of political vengeance,” reported CNN.

The House of Representatives voted to indict Trump in January, just days after the January 6 riot in which insurgents stormed the Capitol building.

The House of Representatives charged him with “inciting insurrection” charges.

At least five people, including a police officer, died in the Capitol riot. Members of the Proud Boys, classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, were reportedly present.

Organizers were encouraged by Trump’s urge to protest with him against the results of the 2020 election despite Democrat Joe Biden’s victory. While members of Congress met within Capitol Building Day to confirm the results, supporters organized an attempted coup and stormed the Capitol Building.

When it became known that the uprising had violated the Capitol, lawmakers began to seek refuge and many were evacuated.

The Senate will vote later on Saturday on whether Trump should be acquitted or convicted. A conviction requires a two-thirds majority in the Senate, which means Trump will likely be acquitted.