COVID-19 silver lining: native display screen printing store gross sales soar throughout pandemic

Little Mountain Print Shoppe has been around in Lincoln for years – but it wasn’t until after the pandemic broke out that sales for the store rose.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – A silver lining as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect Lincoln and communities across the country – a local artist says his business is doing better than ever.

Local screen printer Joe Horacek, who creates, owns and operates Little Mountain Print Shoppe, says the best part of his job is bringing the ideas to life in his head on the clothes he sells.

“Our T-shirts alone are walking advertising,” says Horacek. “When I see someone in town wearing my shirts, it’s so exciting.”

Horacek started Little Mountain Print Shoppe 11 years ago in his basement. He now owns a successful business on 33rd Street near B Street in the center of Lincoln.

“Screen pr

Inting is exactly the medium I like to use, and t-shirts and hoodies are just the canvas for my artwork, ”Horacek told CHannel 8 Eyewitness News as he used a press to paint hand-mixed ink on soft cotton t-shirts.

Surprisingly, Horacek says his business is doing incredibly well despite the pandemic.

“2019 was our best year so far. In 2020 we were up 30% year over year and I’m not sure why. “

While he’s not entirely sure what sparked the increased interest in its original, earthy design over the past few months, he’s not complaining about it. What he does know is that social media has played a significant role in growing his business and customer base over the past few years. Horacek says he sends his designs all over the world.

“Probably one of the best things that has ever happened to small businesses is the social media platform,” he says. “Every like, comment and share counts.”

From a business perspective, according to Horacek, it’s important to trust the process and only care about what you can control. Confidence in his talents, experience, and appreciation for art is what he focuses on – and surrounds himself with friends, family, and other local creatives.

“My encouragement is not to be afraid to try something new, that’s part of growing. Sometimes you fail and sometimes you succeed, ”says Horacek. “It’s not really how hard you fall, it’s how quickly you get up.”

Horacek says he has been incredibly blessed and grateful to the Lincoln community for supporting his art and business over the years, and hopes the support continues for him and other small businesses as well.

You can find Little Mountain Print Shoppe on Facebook, Instagram (@littlemountainprint) or on their website and shop.