CR Print Adapts and Grows Enterprise Throughout Pandemic with Fujifilm Acuity Line of Printers

The installation of an Acuity LED 46 and an Acuity LED 1600R has helped CR Print grow its business.

FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division, announces that the installation of Acuity LED 46 and Acuity LED 1600R CR Print has helped grow its business despite the downturn many experienced during the global pandemic. CR Print, a small family-owned commercial print shop in Westlake Village, California, installed Fujifilm’s Acuity LED 46 and Acuity LED 1600R LED UV printers, which allowed the company to meet customer needs faster than ever before providing faster turnaround Projects regardless of their size with a high level of quality and reliability.

Many companies have adapted during the pandemic, creating new opportunities to thrive. CR Print, a commercial printing company that brought large format printing into the house shortly before the pandemic began, gained more control over their results and in turn earned them greater trust from their customers. When the pandemic hit shortly after that transition, CR Print made the linchpin for the manufacture of COVID-related products, including socially distant graphics and health and safety policy banners and posters for their customers and community members.

“It’s no secret that the industry was challenged during the global pandemic,” said Ramona Serafino, associate product marketing manager at FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division. “CR Print recognized these challenges firsthand and recognized the need to adapt quickly. With the Acuity line, CR Print was able to adapt seamlessly to the changing needs of its customers. ”

“We are future-oriented industry leaders. We promise our customers to find innovative solutions, maintain trust and create value, ”said Mike Corridori, co-owner and vice president of CR Print. “In the middle of the pandemic, we recognized the possibility of offering our customers additional print offers. We invested in the Acuity LED 46 and the Acuity LED 1600R. With the latest installation, we were able to provide key signage and graphics in support of COVID-19. In these unprecedented times, we can now offer large format media products. ”

“Almost overnight, the demand for social distancing and safety banners has increased, and it was important for us to go beyond fulfilling orders,” Corridori said. “With the Acuity LED 46 and Acuity LED 1600R, we were able to produce hundreds of banners to not only help our customers inform their customers about social distancing and safety measures, but also to let their customers know when they are open to Business or business hour adjustments. ”

As customer deadlines continued to shrink and the demand for personalized services increased, finding a high quality, efficient and reliable printer was critical to CR Print’s long-term growth.

Thanks to the unique functions of the Acuity LED 46 and the Acuity LED 1600R, CR Print has been able to significantly expand its services and offerings. Since installing it, the company has expanded its product offering and customer base, and expects the momentum to continue. By partnering with Fujifilm, CR Print can deliver on its promise to its customers – with faster processing and lower costs – while offering digitally printed products of higher quality.

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