Creel Printing Plant Will Shut Following Asset Sale to Mittera

Mittera of Des Moines, Iowa, has acquired select business assets in the 17th printing industry acquisition from Creel Printing, currently owned by Allan Creel in Las Vegas. The 250,000 square feet. The Creel sheet metal and web offset production facility in Las Vegas is not acquired and will be closed in the coming months, affecting nearly 300 employees.

Allan Creel, CEO of Creel Printing

It’s an unusual chapter for what has been considered by many to be one of the more progressive, independent, family-owned printing companies. Third generation printer, Allan Creel, regained Creel’s former Las Vegas facility from LSC Communications last October.The family had sold to LSC Communications in July 2017 before LSC filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

However, last October’s contract with LSC to buy back the Las Vegas facility did not include Creel Digital Div. (Digital Lizard), which Creel acquired in 2011, and New Jersey-based GlobalSoft Digital Solutions, which acquired it in 2015.

Creel Printing’s Las Vegas operations produce publications such as trade magazines with a print run of 50,000 to 100,000. Direct mail to online retailers, health documents such as open registration kits; and smaller, more targeted, and more frequent catalogs; among other things commercial work.

Despite the upcoming plant closure, some key customer-facing members of the Creel team will join Mittera to ensure a seamless experience.

The plant in Las Vegas houses five heatset web offset presses and two sheet-fed models (a six-color, 40˝ Komori and a 12-unit Manroland Perfection with coater). At the beginning of 2020, LSC had also relocated a 55˝ wide M3000 roller press. and additional stitches and insertion lines from other LSC facilities.

It is believed that much of the work done at the Creel facility will be shifted to Mittera’s 16th and most recent acquisition – Trend Offset Printing in Los Alamitos, California – which was completed in late January. Trend Offset is primarily a web offset and digital printer serving the retail, magazine, catalog and direct mail segments nationwide. The equipment mix and geographic headquarters on the west coast should be a good fit for Creel’s customer base.

In addition to Los Alamitos, California, Trend also has manufacturing facilities in Avon, CT; Jacksonville, Fla .; Charlestown, Ind .; Reno, Nev .; Pineville, NC; and in Carrollton and Arlington, Texas.

Mittera Group has acquired Creel Printing assets from Allan Creel.  Creel Las Vegas plant will close affecting 300 workers.

Mittera CEO Jon Troen

“As our industry continues to change, it is important that printing companies evolve to provide the best possible service to their customers,” said Jon Troen, CEO of Mittera, in a statement announcing the acquisition of Creel to provide customers with more valuable services with less space requirements are the future of our industry.

“We are excited to work with Allan and the Creel team to offer their customers a wider range of communications solutions while maintaining the exceptional level of service that has made Creel a leader in printing for decades,” he added.

According to Mittera, Creel Printing customers will have access to Mittera’s expanded platform for web, digital and sheet printing capabilities, as well as digital, creative and integrated marketing solutions. Mittera’s capabilities include full color web and sheetfed printing, variable digital production, large format printing, integrated publishing and digital solutions, web-based storefronts, photography and design studio offerings, marketing and print automation, and much more. Mittera currently operates in 13 states across the country.

“Creel customers are used to an exceptionally high level of service. When looking for a partner, we found that Mittera shares the same commitment to customer satisfaction that we have built at Creel, “said Allan Creel, CEO of Creel Printing, in a statement.” While we are reluctantly saying goodbye to our Las Vegas presence, we are delighted that our customers now have access to a larger printing platform and more robust marketing and communications solution services. “

Printing Impressions reached out to Allan Creel for further comments. As expected, however, as was to be expected, he met with current Creel customers to ensure a smooth transition in their work.

Peter Schaefer, partner at M&A firm New Direction Partners (which represented the sellers on the deal) stated, “Allan bought Creel back from LSC and recognized that industry consolidation was necessary to thrive and survive. and he even considered several companies. In the end, however, Allan realized that Mittera and Trend Offset offered a national platform with additional services and that a partnership was the ideal way to serve Creel customers in the future. “