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Chicago, IL – MidAmerican Printing is a fast growing organization with a passion for digital printing. It’s been in operation since 1985 and is one of the most sought-after digital printers in Chicago. The company has a number of Chicago printing services through which it provides printing services to businesses in Chicago and other parts of the United States

MidAmerican print shop has launched a “green” initiative that includes plant-based inks, non-volatile organic compounds from their roller wash solutions and certified printers for FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council ™). The paper that is bought from paper companies and used in the MidAmerican Printing Practice for responsible forest management.

There are many types of digital printing such as lithography, offset, flexography, letterpress and many more. MidAmerican Printing can meet a consumer’s digital printing needs with fast, accurate, and creative results.

Digital printing is the modern choice of printing as it does not use printing plates, which shortens delivery time and makes the printing method more precise.

Instead of using metal plates to transfer an image, which can lead to ink bleeding and other possible texture problems if elements are not properly arranged or have minor errors when done, digital printing has changed the way elements are printed. The images appear crisp and clear, providing the customer with a high quality image or item that is being produced.

MidAmerican printing systems

The highly qualified staff at MidAmerican Printing Systems work diligently to ensure that every digital print object is perfect. The staff takes the time to check the details and make sure there are no mistakes in the image or text. These are some of the most common problems encountered with digital printing.

Printing is not just about ensuring that the item is aesthetically pleasing, it is also about ensuring that the item is durable and can withstand the test of time. MidAmerican Printing stands behind its products and ensures that the finished product meets customer requirements. If the customer is satisfied with the final product, MidAmerican Printing suggests that the customer be checked regularly to make sure the items work last the test of time.

The MidAmerican team can print quick orders, short term color, or black and white projects (or all of them!). Whatever the customer needs for their branding through printing, MidAmerican Printing can get them where they want to be with digital projects.

Some of the services they offer to their customers are personalized direct mail campaigns (known as variable data printing), black and white digital printing, technical documentation, training materials, or other internal communication sheets.

The digital print can be black and white or color. Black and white digital printing is an efficient way to make copies of heavy training materials. Printing with digital inks can include business cards, brochures, high-speed copies, trade show flyers, and more.

Many companies in the Chicago area will be coming to MidAmerican Printing for their newsletter requests using digital printing technology. This high-quality digital printing enables the high-performance production of images, graphics and text that connect companies with customers.

Companies in the Chicago, Illinois area have the opportunity to enjoy simple digital printing, as images and copies can be swapped out for other images so that another newsletter can quickly be filled with new information. This switch can save companies time and money.

Digital printing by MidAmerican Printing is efficient and fast. Most projects are implemented within 24 hours. The standard processing time (TAT) does not include any rush or express delivery.

The facility is equipped with several large format and digital printers that MidAmerican Printing companies or customers can use to print in a variety of sizes.

The company also has various finishing techniques that go along with digital printing. Many of these finishing techniques include eyelets, brackets, lamination, point of sale creation, backgrounds, and poster imaging.

In recent years, MidAmerican has become known as Chicago’s premier exhibition printer, serving McCormick Place and all of the downtown hotels and meeting facilities.

MidAmerican Printing has a Xerox iGen4 wide format color digital printer in its fleet of digital printing devices.

MidAmerican can cater to a customer’s needs because of its full service printing tools, team and expertise. They offer comprehensive services that enable fast turnaround times for large, medium and small projects.

MidAmerican Printing offers a strict quality control standard that enables digital printing services to step up on any occasion and beyond.

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MidAmerican Printing is a full-service digital printer that has been in operation since 1985 and is one of the most sought-after digital printers in Chicago. The company can accommodate any customer’s commercial printing needs, from text to color projects to presentations.


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