Direct-to-Can Digital Printer | Packaging World

The system gives Northeast American beverage manufacturers all of the benefits of short-term digital can decorating without the high costs, waste and recycling problems associated with traditional labels and shrink tube labels.

The Tonejet Cyclone system is to be installed sometime in October 2019 and will be put through its paces at Solucan’s specially built location. Millions of unique cans are made to measure.

The Solucan initiative supports craft brewers and other beverage producers in the region, says Sebastien Baril, President of Solucan. “We are focused on providing our customers and their customers with an affordable and environmentally friendly solution,” he adds. “The government is looking for a recyclable solution and we have their support for a better canning solution for the industry. Right now, beverage makers who want to avoid labels are having to shop with the big can makers, whose minimum quantities are way too big for any microbrew or craft beer maker we work with. The Cyclone solves these problems – the system allows us to keep up with changing consumer habits and change packaging as we know it. “

“We can now turn a beverage can into a fully digital portal,” adds Jean-Francois Gaudreault, General Manager at Solucan. “Linking packaging with the digital world, which you can access via your smartphone or laptop, is fundamentally changing the game and offering a powerful marketing tool. Not only can you use the space for events, marketing promotions, etc., you can also add codes for links to Augmented Reality (AR) apps and even invisible codes and watermarks. “

The cyclone arrives in Quebec at a critical time, where there is pressure to make packaging more sustainable. The provincial recycling agency Recyc-Québec is enforcing new environmental regulations and eliminating the need for some beverage containers. The plastic shrink tubing and adhesive labels currently used for the short-term decoration of beverage cans have a high environmental impact and can become problematic if new standards are enforced. Cans made with the Tonejet Cyclone system are 100% recyclable and offer a future-proof solution.