Display printing firm raises cash for enterprise

LAWAI – CG Custom Prints saw a decline in sales when Kaua’i, like many small businesses on the island, introduced COVID-19 related stay at home orders.

And like many small businesses on the island, owners Donovan and Alicia Claytor had to get creative to keep their livelihoods alive.

While pondering how their screen printing business had slowed and the workers were being laid off from headquarters, they came across an idea that they think could work – printing logo shirts for local businesses, selling them online, and part of the T-shirts to give away sales back to relevant companies.

“We started this on March 28th with the aim of helping small businesses during this difficult time,” said Donovan Claytor. “Everyone is in the same boat. So our motto is “Helping companies on Kaua’i one T-shirt at a time”.

He continues: “We were totally affected (by COVID-19); We are directly connected to the tourism industry. We have supplied t-shirts and graphic design to all surf shops and tour companies. When this crisis occurred, it hit us hard. “

They decided to name the project “Give Kaua’i Hope” and now more than 180 small businesses are participating. Since the project began, they have sold more than 1,000 shirts – mostly to mainland buyers.

“Being in a business and growing up on Kauai is what we love Kauai people who we want to help the best we can. It’s nice to see people all over the nation from New York to Arizona buying mold, ”Claytor said. “We want more companies to put their shirts on our website. It doesn’t cost you anything. When they sell, we cut them out a check or pay them through PayPal. “

Shirts that sell for $ 25 and $ 10 from each sale are due to the business associated with the shirt design.

And companies get creative. For example, Wailua Shave Ice has a shirt with the label “Non-Essential since March 20th, 2020” and another shirt with the label “Don’t Be A COVIDIOT”.

Natalie Claytor, Donovan and Alicia’s daughter also help. Natalie is a student with more time and helps create, fold, dry and mail the shirts.

“I’m a senior at Kauai High School. I have the opportunity to help out as I can and hang out with my dad, which is very nice, ”Natalie said.

Alicia Claytor said she was grateful to her children because it was difficult to let go of her co-workers.

“I’m so proud of our daughter and our two other children who all volunteer their time to help with this cause,” said Alicia.

Donovan said he has been in business for 15 years and he wants the community to know they are here to help as they can.

When asked about a possible side project to make a mask, Claytor said it was coming.

“We are working on some experiments on printing masks. We determine the types of inks and print types for these types of masks. Hopefully they’ll be made soon, ”said Donovan.

All small businesses interested in participating are encouraged to visit their website at givekauaihope.com or call them at 808-245-7774.


Stephanie Shinno, Features and Community Reporters, can be reached at 245-0424 or sshinno@thegardenisland.com.