Display screen printing store proprietor asking for assist to rebuild

Owner Leslie Williams is asking the public to help rebuild his Southwest Screen Printing Shop, which has been providing uniforms to a number of sports organizations and schools for 30 years. Category 4 Hurricane Matthew left Williams’ printing facility on Key West Street and Cordeaux Avenue, which had been partially demolished, with the structure collapsing from below. Photo: Brent Stubbs / The Tribune


Senior Sports Reporter


After running his Southwest Screen Printing Shop, which has sold uniforms for a number of sports organizations and schools for the past 30 years, owner Leslie Williams is now seeking public support in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

Thursday’s Category 4 storm partially demolished Williams’ printing facility on Key West Street and Cordeaux Avenue, with the structure collapsing from below and part of the top still standing.

“As you can see, I still have equipment that appears to be good,” Williams said as he assessed the damage left. “I need a crane to lift the structure that has been in the business since I started.

“I have all of my graphic designs on the screens and the equipment to print the t-shirts. So I have to get them out because I have a number of jobs that I have to do for people. “

With the equipment in the building, Williams said he was in limbo. But he intends to rebuild the print shop, which is estimated to cost an estimated $ 35,000, at some point. As he adds the equipment and screens that are beneath the rubble, Williams said he will need to replace another $ 30-40,000.

“Aside from getting the equipment and screens out there, it’ll set me back at least six months,” Williams said. “Just to rebuild the shop, it will take about six months.

“This is a good time for people who would have supported the company over the past 30 years to help me with the restoration as the building was old and made of wood and I really couldn’t insure it. ”

Individuals interested in helping Williams can contact him at 456-4560 or email cuttywilliams242@yahoo.com

“I will get all the support now,” said Williams. “I depend on my brothers and sisters for generous support with building materials or monetary donations. This building has to fall down so I can rebuild it.

“This building is very damaged. But I hope I can get out the gear that’s in there. The screens are always interchangeable, but that’s a loss. We have to rebuild at all costs. “

Williams still works out of his sewing shop on Washington Street and Cordeaux Avenue. He still has some pressure equipment that he was able to secure from the storm.

But Williams said in retrospect that he wished he had removed all the other equipment from the building, but he just couldn’t because he had no other place to properly store them.