Do you have to roll on the Endeavor banner in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero?


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Endeavor makes his debut in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero from June 16-29. His first banner, Hero # 2, increases the chance of potentially winning him and adding Endeavor to your list. It works just like the All Might event where you have to use event tickets to roll for Endeavor. While he will have an increased chance, will it be worth it?

We encourage players to roll the dice for Endeavor and try to add it to their collection. He won’t be used as much in PvP as the other characters, but Endeavor thrives in the PvE arena. Endeavor is one of the best characters to play during the campaign, complete missions alongside other players, and use him in super co-op battles. With Endeavor being one of the better PvE heroes in the game, you can fight and level up other characters in some of the more difficult operations and floors in the game.

The Endeavor banner event will be very similar to that of All Might, which means that the pity pull limit will be scaled to 100. While most players don’t have to wait until move 100 to get Endeavor, there is a chance it will happen. Regardless, it is better to try for him in the first place, especially if you have saved up hero coins to buy more event tickets in the store. Additionally, the developers of My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero have listened to player feedback and plan to increase the number of Hero Coins and stamina available to everyone. Now is a good time to snag an S-Rank Hero while these bonuses are being distributed.

You only have until June 29th to test Endeavor. After that we have to wait for another event to appear.

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