Domino launches white ink digital printer

Domino Digital Printing Solutions has announced the release of a new digital printer with a white ink module.

The K600i White, which prints only white ink, is available now. However, it will be presented at Labelexpo in Brussels from September 25 to 28 Updates to the DFEv2.0 workflow solutionannounced last week. Depending on the workflow configuration, the price ranges from £ 180,000 to £ 200,000.

Domino said it is aimed at printers looking for a digital alternative to screen printing and that it offers instant job changes, minimal maintenance, and variable data printing capabilities. It is ideal for printing in small dot sizes on personal care labels and other transparent label applications.

The attached white ink module is a further development of the K600i’s drop-on-demand system, but uses a highly pigmented UV-curable white ink that is integrated into a new ink system and continuously mixes the inks to address the problem of pigment settling overcome.

The system was originally developed for the seven-color N610i label printing machine and integrated into the machine at the beginning of 2016. Philip Easton, director of Domino Digital Printing Solutions, described this as “part of the continuous improvement program we have set as a goal for product improvement”.

The first K600i White was installed as a beta version in North America in the third quarter of 2016. Since then there has been a second beta site in Germany, but none in the UK.

Easton said the white ink module design overcomes the problem of white ink thickening and causing clogged nozzles, which can result in longer maintenance times. It runs at a maximum speed of 75 m / min in less coverage mode and picks up sheets of 330 mm wide.

“The reason we developed this was because customers referred to buying the N610i because of its white. We’ve had a lot of customers saying, “I just wish we could have your white on a flexo press, we could replace our screen printing.”

“This is the first time that a digital inkjet screen has been exchanged as an alternative technology between screen printing and flexographic printing, which however offers the advantages of no plate and makeready times. The job change takes place immediately.”

Last yearDomino Printing Sciences has launched its Ax series of continuous inkjet printers.