Eddie – Edible Ink Printer for Straightforward Direct-to-Meals Printing

WIESBADEN, GERMANY – DTM Print, international OEM and solutions provider for specialty printing systems, is proud to introduce Eddie – the world’s first and only NSF and GMP certified desktop printer for edible ink for printing on biscuits and other foods. Eddie is the newest product from US manufacturer Primera Technology, Inc.

When you think of food printers, it comes to mind that they are printing on wafer paper or sheets of icing that have to be stuck onto the baked goods or confectionery. Unlike these printers, Eddie prints directly on cookies, candy, white chocolate, biscuits, macarons, marshmallows, chocolate lentils, and more. Suitable foods can be up to 89 mm wide.

Eddie makes the printing process quick and easy. The device prints up to 6 print objects per minute, depending on the item size and the actual print design. The carousel feeder supplied turns the food into the printing position, the printer pulls in one item at a time, prints and sends it back to the carousel – all automatically and hands-free.

Printed candy, cookies, or other food items are dry and ready for sale immediately after printing. Printed images are bright, vivid, smudge-proof and even color-coordinated with the ICC color standards.

Personalization is all the rage in today’s consumer and B2B markets. Eddie can make new profits in commercial settings, from bakeries to hotels, trade shows, souvenir shops to amusement parks. Applications for personalized baked goods and confectionery include birthday parties, baby showers, religious initiation ceremonies such as baptism or bar / bat mitzvah, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas and Christmas gifts, trade fair gifts, and souvenirs.

Certifications for the food industry

Eddie is unique in commercial food preparation for many reasons, but none is as important as safety. Although edible ink printers have been sold and used in commercial applications such as photo cake for more than a decade, none of them have been approved for this use by recognized third-party certification organizations, making manufacturer liability a serious concern.

Instead, Eddie was designed from the start to meet or exceed any legal requirement for its specific purpose as an edible ink digital printer. The edible ink cartridge meets all FDA and EU standards for use as a food additive. The ink cartridge itself meets the cGMP standards and the entire manufacturing and cartridge filling process is FDA-compliant and cGMP-certified. Last but not least, Eddie has also been certified by NSF.

Price and availability

Eddie sells for € 2,995 (RRP) and is available directly from DTM Print or through authorized DTM Print partners in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

You can find full product details at dtm-print.eu. Follow DTM on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/dtm.print.1986 and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/DTM_Print_.

Information on DTM printing
DTM Print, a member of the DTM Group, is an international OEM and solution provider based in Germany. Founded in 1986, the company is a pioneer in specialty printing and has more than three decades of experience in developing customized printing services. DTM Print represented the US company Primera Technology, Inc. for many years under the name Primera Europe GmbH in EMEA. In addition to its own products, the company works closely with well-known manufacturers to offer the best possible printing solution. DTM Print sells these products and services through authorized resellers and distributors in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
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