EFI Expands Buyer Choices Help For Speedy Digital Corrugated Transformation – Overlaying the Printing Inks, Coatings and Allied Industries

In response to the significantly increased volume of direct UV LED digital inkjet production on the award-winning EFI Nozomi C18000 corrugated printing platform, Electronics For Imaging, Inc. has significantly expanded the Nozomi Digital Solutions professional services program for America.

As a result, customers can participate more effectively and profitably in the rapid transformation of analog-to-digital printing in the corrugated board room.

EFI’s America’s corrugated inkjet printer training and support capabilities are now based on the company’s Customer Experience Center in Londonderry, NH.

The new features are integrated into an expanded program of professional services that will be launched along with the company’s second generation single pass corrugated solution, the Nozomi C18000 Plus printer.

EFI has developed insights over the past three years to help local customers strengthen their Digital Solutions program, which offers enhanced remote support, including the use of augmented reality, to deliver faster, more effective service that can lead to maximum availability and productivity.

The company’s robust single pass inkjet corrugated digital printing service offering also capitalizes on EFI’s legacy and deeply rooted achievements in serving customers in commercial printing, signage for display graphics, and other markets as they transition from analog to support digital printing.

“The corrugated cardboard market has an exciting dynamic as digital technology becomes a critical production route. EFI customers have seen remarkable growth with their Nozomi printers. Print volume per machine has increased 40% year over year for our customers around the world, ”said Scott Schinlever, Chief Operating Officer of Inkjet, EFI. “Our continued focus on robust support will help ensure our customers’ success in transitioning from analog to digital printing through their important single-pass printing investments.”

Improved remote support capabilities and an emphasis on enhancing the skills of support staff have taken EFI Nozomi’s service capabilities to a new, higher level.

While these features solve many of the travel problems caused by the pandemic, reducing the number of service technicians traveling – combined with an even stronger, technology-driven emphasis on clear communication – can also result in faster resolution of problems and a reduction in machine downtime.

The expanded Nozomi Digital Solutions program has been specifically designed to ensure maximum availability for customers. It also includes more resources for on-site application support and proactive preventative maintenance.

Customers receive 24/7 technical support for Nozomi printers from factory-trained, skilled technicians – part of a service extension within EFI that leverages and enhances the industry-leading digital expertise of the company’s sales force in North and South America.

These enhancements provide more personal attention, coaching and mentoring, and bespoke maintenance plans that customers have requested to keep their corrugated businesses going into the future.

The services provided by EFI Customer Success Managers as well as valuable coaching and mentoring services for EFI Nozomi users go well beyond a single training session and create a consultative relationship that not only shortens the learning curve for operating the printer, but also the ability of the User successfully increases to adopt a successful business model for digital production.

EFI is adding parts and technical resources to its Nozomi line of products and EFI’s extensive line of production display graphics printers.

In addition to the company’s robust parts operation, EFI is committed to further maximizing the availability of Nozomi customers through its world-class delivery operation for the Americas, with immediate availability and rapid delivery of primers and inks.

“Digital is creating a new paradigm for the future of corrugated manufacturing with its ability to support the faster turnaround times and package versions that are essential to today’s consumer-centric e-commerce market,” said Geoff Loftus, VP of global inkjet service EFI. “Our customers need superior image quality, less waste, optimized supply chains and robust reliability. To meet the demands of the day, our dedicated and growing service operations team is committed to delivering even faster, more effective solutions as well as improved availability and throughput. Our service improvements – from even better personal installation and support to innovative cloud and remote support offerings – will help customers skyrocket their digital output with their EFI Nozomi printers every month. “

Potential Nozomi users will have the opportunity to experience this breakthrough ultra-high speed printing technology after a new Nozomi printer installation at EFI’s Americas Customer Experience Center in Londonderry, NH.

The printer installation is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021.

Once installed, personal visits will be made to the Customer Experience Center in accordance with local regulations and social distancing guidelines.

Potential Nozomi users will have the opportunity to run test files and see the production features firsthand in consultation with leading EFI technical experts.

Ahead of installing the Nozomi printer in New Hampshire, EFI will also soon be introducing an online digital viewing experience for the new EFI Nozomi C18000 Plus printer EFI Engage Virtual event, scheduled for January 25 to February 5, 2021.

The new online viewing feature for the recently launched solution follows EFI’s work and creates the first VR experience for a single-pass digital corrugated printer, an innovation the company has shown at numerous trade shows around the world.