EFI Reggiani Completes Three Gross sales To Russian Textile Producers – Overlaying the Printing Inks, Coatings and Allied Industries

EFI Reggiani, together with its partner in Russia, Nissa Distribution, has signed three new sales contracts for the supply and installation of industrial solutions for industrial textile printing directly onto fabric and sublimation.

The new sales bring EFI Reggiani’s productive and sustainable digital solutions to three Russian textile manufacturers – D-TEX Digital Textile Printing, MIRtex and Sima-Land.

The EFI Reggiani product portfolio includes the Reggiani and Mezzera brands – a wide range of solutions for textile manufacturing.

Nissa Distribution and its subsidiary Nissa Stensart became distributors of EFI Reggiani products in Russia in 2018. The Stensart product portfolio includes the widest range of equipment for the production, printing and finishing of textiles, which meet the demanding requirements for successful production in various textile market segments.

The most recent results of EFI Reggiani’s activities with Nissa Distribution and Nissa Stensart are the conclusion of three contracts for EFI Reggiani POWER and EFI Reggiani NEXT digital textile printer.

Russia’s first EFI Reggiani POWER 180 and POWER 240 digital printers were recently sold to D-TEX Digital Textile Printing in Stupino, Moscow Oblast, and to MIRtex in Furnmanov, Russia.

The companies that print and manufacture products from natural fibers and knitwear are among the largest comprehensive textile manufacturers in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The EFI Reggiani POWER 180 and POWER 240 are industrial digital printing machines for direct printing on fabrics, knitwear and textiles in widths of 1.8 and 2.4 meters respectively. They are equipped with a high-precision continuous conveyor belt for reliable and accurate fabric feeding without wrinkles. Both machines can use EFI Reggiani’s water-based, environmentally friendly inks, including EFI Reggiani BDR Diamond reactive inks.

Russia’s first EFI Reggiani NEXT 340 printer will be installed at Russia’s largest textile wholesaler, Sima-Land. The Yekaterinburg-based company offers more than 1 million different products, including decorative textiles for home and office as well as men’s, women’s and children’s clothing.

The EFI Reggiani NEXT 340 is a 3.4 meter wide, beltless industrial digital printing machine for direct and sublimation printing. Sima-Land’s printer is equipped with four Kyocera industrial printheads and offers wholesalers productivity in a CMYK x 2 configuration or an eight-color configuration for superior quality. With environmentally friendly, water-based EFI Reggiani IRIS With inks, Sima-Land can print bright, vibrant hues and colors and ensure exceptional print durability.

The Reggiani NEXT printer is the digital solution for sublimation printing on paper and non-elastic fabrics, which should revolutionize the markets for fashion, sportswear and home decor with its combination of cost-saving functions, speed and quality.

Nissa Distribution will be responsible for future technical service and maintenance of the new printers sold to D-TEX, MIRtex and Sima-Land, as well as supplying spare parts and consumables.

“The installation of EFI Reggiani high-performance industrial digital textile printers at three of the largest textile companies in Russia and the ability to help these customers grow amid a pandemic reflect the seriousness of EFI Reggiani and our partners in helping customers thrive and grow with efficient, productive and environmentally friendly digital printing solutions, “said EFI Reggiani Senior VP and GM Adele Genoni.