eight Greatest Zink Instantaneous Cameras & Printers (Zero Ink, Inkless)

Film can have largely disappeared, but the photo remains. We featured the best instant print cameras that have been using Fujifilm’s Instax technology for about a year. They produce Polaroid prints, but there is another option: zinc printing.

Zinc is the abbreviation for “Zero Ink”. It eliminates the hassle (and leakage) of ink cartridges in your printer. Instead, zinc prints hold layers of ink in the paper itself. When the image is printed, a print-based process mixes the ink to create the image. Zink produces more traditional prints that look like what you would get from a professional printer (without the professional quality), instead of the Polaroid-like images with large borders from Instax cameras.

Zinc printers are slower than Instax to spit out your images, but they are ready the moment they pop up. They’re sticky too. Zinc prints tend to have better dynamic range compared to Instax prints – which means the image has a wider range of colors and colors – but they struggle to produce the rich blacks that you get in Instax prints.

Since the technology is basically the same for all of these devices, you’d think the results are similar, but we’ve found a surprising amount of variation when testing different cameras and printers. Below are our top recommendations for zinc-based cameras and printers.