Empire Display Printing Leads Business in Sustainable Manufacturing With Improvement of UV LED Ink Curing Expertise

Inspired to ensure employee safety and reduce pollution, Empire works with suppliers to develop an environmentally friendly press

Onalaska, Wisconsin – Empire Screen Printing, a nationally recognized manufacturer of screen printing products, leads the industry with UV LED ink curing technology developed over the past decade. Empire’s leadership is working with suppliers across the industry to replace traditional solvent-based inks and UV-cured mercury inks with a more sustainable option.

UV LED curing technology was developed to replace UV curing with mercury bulbs. It is now used in 80% of Empire’s business. UV-LED is 98% more energy efficient than conventional UV mercury curing. The combination of UV and LED in the manufacturing process creates no ozone emissions or harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC), so no ventilation systems are required to deal with irritants and pollutants. The curing process uses light instead of heat, allowing the company to print on thinner substrates and avoid material distortion.

“After developing this LED curing technology, we learned that there is simply no downside to printing and producing sustainably,” said John Freismuth, president of Empire Screen Printing. “The end product is of the same or higher quality, which is exceptionally high thanks to our continuous process improvements.”

With its exclusive registration system, Empire’s UV LED press holds mechanical tolerances of 0.001 “and can perform color-to-color registration between 0.005” and 0.007 “. This greatly improves efficiency in terms of quality and lead times for customers.

UV LED ink curing technology offers many advantages. The most important thing is that this technology provides a healthy work environment for employees. Another benefit is the reduction in energy and HVAC requirements for the company. The overall cost of running these presses is significantly reduced, allowing Empire to invest in the company again.

“The benefits to our manufacturing process and the cost savings are major side effects in order to achieve our primary goal of protecting employees,” said Freismuth. “By taking measures to protect our employees, we have also succeeded in protecting the environment and offering our customers sustainably printed products. Thanks to the efficient processes we have developed, we can offer our customers more environmentally friendly products at no additional cost. “

For more information on Empire Screen Printing’s environmentally friendly screen printing technology and commitment to sustainability, please visit https://www.empirescreen.com/go_green.html.