Empire Firm Restricted, Sobeys Dad or mum, Unveils Banner Funding on FreshCo Shops

STELLARTON, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA – I have long been taught that good things come in seven as this is considered a lucky number in my family. Empire has proven my family’s theory to be correct announced seven new locations After announcing a five-year plan to convert 25 percent of its Safeway and Sobeys stores to FreshCo locations in 2017, the company hit half the mark in the West Canada discount expansion plan under the FreshCo discount banner.

“Empire’s discount network has grown 23 percent since we opened our first store in the West two years ago,” said Mike Venton, general manager of Discount. “We are committed to achieving market share growth through Project Horizon. Alberta is ripe for Empire to compete with a strong discount offer. We are now more than halfway through our FreshCo extension in western Canada. “

In line with Project Horizon’s commitment, Empire is on its way to opening between 10 and 15 new FreshCo stores in the 2021 financial year. Of the seven new stores just announced, six are in Alberta and one in Northern Ontario, according to the press release.

The six new Alberta FreshCo stores include Brentwood in Calgary, Millbourne Mall in Edmonton, Saddle Ridge in Calgary, Coliseum in Edmonton, Palisades Square in Edmonton and Gateway Village Mall in St. Albert. The respective Safeway branches will be closed in the first quarter of the financial year 2022 and reopened as FreshCo branches in the second quarter.

The northern Ontario location is and will be in Thunder Bay Reopening as a FreshCo-Store in the second quarter of fiscal 2022 after closing the Safeway business in the first quarter.

Empire Company Limited has announced seven new locations under the FreshCo discount banner, which puts the company on track to open 10-15 new locations in 2021

Since April 2019 Empire has opened six FreshCo stores in British Columbia, four in Saskatchewan and two in Manitoba. The company expects to open 37 FreshCo stores in Western Canada by the end of fiscal year 2022.

Closing time and remodeling The cost is approximately $ 11.7 millionand Empire will work with the unions representing Safeway employees in Northern Ontario and Alberto to ensure all terms of this agreement are respected and to offer options to employees affected by the new strategy.

Click to see a list of all locations to open in the region Here.

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