FlexoPrint Turns into The First Danish Printer To Set up A Nilpeter FA-26

FlexoPrint A / S in Randers, part of the Optimum Group, recently became the first Danish printer to install the new Nilpeter FA-26. After months of intensive research, testing and calculations, FlexoPrint decided to go into production for the FA-26.

Investment decision
“We have identified many customer products that can run better and more efficiently on the FA-26,” begins Lars Ole Nauta, CEO of FlexoPrint.

“In addition, we see a gap in the market between the large foil printers and the narrow web business. The foil printers usually have very long lead times, although we are used to very, very short lead times in the label business. So if we can combine our world of labels with the world of films, there might be a market there, ”he continues.

“This was one of the reasons we decided to make this investment and seize this opportunity to invest in the Nilpeter FA-26,” concludes Nauta.

FlexoPrint & The Optimum Group
The Optimum Group is a diverse group of specialized printing companies that together offer a complete package of self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging solutions. The 12 member companies of the Optimum Group from Holland, Belgium, Denmark and Germany specialize in UV flexographic printing and digital printing for customers in the food, retail, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, household and personal care, logistics and chemical sectors.

With the Optimum Green Portfolio, the group serves as a model in the area of ​​sustainability and develops sustainable packaging and labeling solutions through a structured and environmentally friendly approach. The combined know-how of the Optimum Group in terms of design and development, supply chain, management and efficient processing in the production environment ensures optimal service for their customers.

The right choice for us
“We have followed the development of the FA-26 over the past few years and it is exactly how we want it to be. It’s very slim. It’s very easy, ”says Nauta. “Efficiency in terms of pricing and competitiveness is very important for FlexoPrint and also for the Optimum Group when purchasing machines. It’s not something we take lightly. In fact, I’ve always said that buying hardware is one of the toughest things to do as a CEO. It will follow you for many years. So we did a thorough investigation, did the math for months and months, and thought about which way to go. Ultimately, we thought the FA-26 was the right choice for us. “

Value-adding short-term flexible packaging
The FA-26 is the newest and widest flexo press Nilpeter has ever developed. Developed for flexible, short-term packaging and labels with added value, all inline and completely core-based, for both anilox rollers and plate rollers.

The robust unit construction FA-26, the compact footprint and the landscape design guarantee an optimal register and a consistently high print quality at all speeds. The FA-26 is designed for printing with water-based inks and solvents using UV, LED and e-beam processes. In every combination it is a pioneer for short-term and long-term flexible packaging printing. From pouches and pouches to wrapping, sleeve shrinking, labels and much more.

Part of us in the future
“Of course I know Nilpeter as a Danish company. But I have to say we have three rival machines and at that point we didn’t think the FA was ready. If we had seen the press in retrospect, we would definitely have opted for Nilpeter. We believe that Nilpeter will be a part of us in the future. Also in relation to narrower flexo presses, ”adds Nauta.

Productivity and ROI
“It’s a little early to look at ROI, but we can see that speed is basically what we calculated with. We still have to work on the changeover times, make ourselves comfortable and speed things up. But if we can do it right and bring our old flexo spirit to our new presses, it will definitely be a good investment, ”concludes Lars Ole Nauta.

The right attitude
“We are proud to install the first FA-26 in Denmark. FlexoPrint has the right mindset to get the most out of this new printing technology. The company has a strong focus on adding value through high print quality and production efficiency. Before making the decision for the purchase of the press, FlexoPrint actually carried out its own production orders for the press to calculate the ROI and justify the new investment, “says Jesper Jørgensen, Global Sales Manager at Nilpeter A / S.

About FlexoPrint
FlexoPrint is one of the leading manufacturers of self-adhesive labels in Scandinavia for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and logistics. The company, headquartered in Randers, Denmark, has two subsidiaries in Germany – H & P Etiketten GmbH and TOM Etiketten GmbH – and employs just over 100 people in three production facilities in Randers, Salzbergen and Greven. FlexoPrint’s customer base consists primarily of food and beverage manufacturers, large retail chains, and label sellers.