Frank Lampard thanks Chelsea followers for supportive banner throughout Luton FA Cup win

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Chinese fighter planes enter Taiwanese airspace for day two as tensions mount in the days following Biden

China increased its pressure on democratic Taiwan over the weekend, and an unusually large number of fighter jets approached the island in a “test” for the new administration of US President Joe Biden. On Sunday, 12 Chinese fighter jets entered Taiwan’s air defense zone, as well as a reconnaissance aircraft and two anti-submarine aircraft, the Taiwanese Defense Ministry said. A day earlier, China sent eight bomber planes that could carry nuclear weapons and four fighter jets, as well as a reconnaissance plane, to the same area in the southwest of the island. In both cases, Taiwan sent planes, issued radio warnings to Chinese planes, and deployed anti-aircraft missile systems to monitor their activity. Beijing claims to rule Taiwan itself as part of its territory and was angry at the increasing US support for Taiwan during Donald Trump’s administration. In the past few months, China has made frequent, sometimes daily, incursions to pressure President Tsai Ing-wen’s government to accept Beijing’s request to recognize Taiwan as part of China. These incursions for the past few weeks have usually consisted of just one or two reconnaissance planes rather than the fighter planes seen over the weekend.