Fresco y Más Banner Is Using a Latino Wave of Development

“We’re going way beyond a few Hispanic items,” says Benitez, who joined us Southeastern Grocers in 1989 as a front-end employee and had many roles in the Before becoming Branch Manager at Fresco in 2001 and Director in 2018. “We want to have all the quality products that our customers want most. The heart of Fresco y Más is of Spanish descent and our basic products at Fresco are similar in all stores, but We go the extra mile to localize each business based on the community we serve. We Catering to Hispanic customers but we also offer a great shopping experience everyone’s needs. “

A tour of a fresco shop in Tampa, Florida with Benitez is the equivalent of a 30-minute drive around the world. When it comes to design and ambience, Fresco is different from bold colors (mostly yellow and black), prominent displays of fresh produce, and fun music – – All of this appeals to multicultural food buyers.

The Center Store range at Fresco is Spanish, but there is also Heinz Ketchup, Kraft macaroni and cheese and Sunny Delight drinks. According to Benitez, Fresco has carefully looked at the data in order to carefully put together the ranges tailored to the respective demographic circumstances individual neighborhood. This bespoke segmentation merchandising strategy is key Component of banner success; Another important factor is Fresco’s partnerships with local providers, says Benitez.

The carniceria or meat department offers beef specialties such as palomilla, bola and falda. Customers can order a whole pig or buy freshly slaughtered rabbit. Bagged beans, jackfruit and root vegetables dominate the product department. And in In the cocina or the kitchen, steam from hot mojo pork and fried plantains rise next to the roast turkey and mashed potatoes.

“Whether it’s the product department, the meat department, the deli or the bakery Fresco y Más, they will all be authentic because that is exactly what Hispanic is Customers know and want, ”explains Benitez. “But we also focus on the value, our Customers the best possible quality products at an affordable price. “

Since, as Benitez notes, Hispanics eat 80% of their home cooked meals, SEG leverages that knowledge by driving frequent travel and loyalty with targeted promotions, a Latino Product oriented dollar zone and even cultural programs. The banner also features Food delivery via Shipt in Birmingham, Alabama including prepared food delivery. Benitez says the banner is researching grocery collection and experimenting with self-checkout at a store.

Over the decades, as the Hispanic population has grown, so has the demand for Grocery stores that offer products to these buyers. SEG steps in to fill this gap. Of course, to address all of these demographics without alienating or grouping a group Another challenge could be a challenge for Fresco y Más and other retailers. For now, However, SEG seems to have a formula for success.