Genshin Affect Formally Pronounces Xiao Banner Begin Date

Genshin Impact confirms when the new five-star anemo polearm user Xiao will receive his own summoning banner and fans can look forward to it soon.

Genshin Impact Fans spent the new year exploring the Dragonspine region further and meeting new characters like Albedo and Ganyu. Despite the new 1.2 version of the content, gamers have also been on the lookout for more, especially given the number of leaks being spread on social media.

Version 1.2 of the game is in full swing and Genshin Impact players still have two in-game events to participate in. Still, travelers were aware that the spring of 2021 will bring version 1.3 of the game along with new characters like Xiao and Ayaka and maybe even the Inazuma region.

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With the Genshin Impact Beta holding the 2020 Lantern Festival in March, most players were expecting a major update in March 2021 that might introduce Xiao and / or the Inazuma region. That being said, at least part of this theory appears to have been debunked. According to a new version 1.3 trailer, players can rest assured that Xiao will not only be one of the main features of version 1.3, but will also be presented alongside the update on February 3, 2021.

No other new character was mentioned in the version 1.3 teaser trailer, and the video ends with a simple “2/3” that appears next to Xiao at the end. This means that version 1.3 will be released on February 3rd. More importantly, Xiao’s banner, possibly called “Invitation to Mundane Life”, also begins on that date.

If some other characters were introduced during the trailer it would be ambiguous, but given that the trailer was actually a Xiao storefront, fans and professionals alike are confident that the game’s developer, miHoYo, intends to combo them both publish. While Xiao has already gained some popularity in the Genshin Impact fan base, some gamers may not be that familiar with him.

Xiao is an adept with anemo, which means that he is more than your average human fighter. In practice, he prefers polearms in combat and is classified as a five-star character, so players can presumably only wish him via intertwined fates and the special character banner. Given that Xinyan makes a brief cameo on the trailer, some speculate that she could be one of the four stars on Xiao’s banner.

Aside from potential new four-stars for Xiao, this trailer announcement also raises the question of who will come after that. Players generally expect two characters per major update. Regardless of whether a new four-star title is included in Xiao’s banner or not, version 1.3 will likely follow at some point with an additional five-star character. Given the recent leaks regarding Hu Tao and the fact that the character Ayaka is supposedly almost “complete”, it wouldn’t be entirely unexpected if either of them would join the fight in February or March. The question remains, however, which character players should their Primogems spend on.

Genshin Impact is now available in the App Store, Google Play, PC and PS4 and is currently under development for PS5 and Switch.

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