High 100 Print Consumers for 2021 Helps Printers Goal Their Gross sales Efforts

The days of a true general-purpose commercial printer remain numbered as printers today focus their sales efforts on offering a range of offerings and services aimed at print buyers in specific vertical markets and industries. It is therefore imperative for printers to adapt to social changes and shifts in print buying activities that are based on current events, social trends, and economic and political conditions.

A very helpful sales planning tool is the ranking “Print Impressions Top 100 Print Buyers for 2021” and the associated analysis, in which the forecast annual sales volumes as well as the expenses and trends for print procurement expenses for the coming year are forecast. The list and expert commentary are compiled annually by Vincent Mallardi, a longtime forecaster and analyst in the printing, packaging and paper industries.

The report serves as a helpful sales and marketing planning tool for print companies large and small to keep track of the money. After all, these top 100 print buyers alone are expected to source $ 56.2 billion worth of prints in 2021, up $ 2 billion from this year. And the top 25 companies on the list are expected to source nearly half of all print in the top 100 – and more than a sixth of all print demand in the US.

Top print buyers are changing due to the pandemic and ecommerce growth

For example, the four primary logistics / freight providers (U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, UPS, and Amazon) have skyrocketed due to shifts in consumer purchases – partly due to downtime and home ordering due to the coronavirus – the most pronounced print buyers. R.The USPS alone is expected to raise $ 1.9 billion in printing.

Aside from logistics and discount home delivery, the largest proportion of print purchases among the top 100 print buyers are in print (27.2%) and food / beverage (19.2%). All pressure growth will be focused on personal care, medicine / pharmacy, and safety, according to Mallardi.

The worst permanently affected categories, he predicts, will be commercial and retail properties (-28%). Pressures in the automotive, fashion, travel / hospitality, and higher education sectors are expected to decrease by a quarter or less.

See how the industries and specific customers you serve – or hope to – align with the predictions and analysis of the “Top 100 Print Buyers for 2021”. You can download the full report for free by clicking here.