Highland Printing and Delivery Retailer Opens Their 50th Retailer

Highland Ill. – The Mail Box Store, a small Illinois-based company providing packaging, shipping, and printing services, has opened its 50th retail store in the United States. Store # 50 opened in Fort Myers, Florida on April 26, 2021 under the company’s flagship name, The Mail Box Store.

The process of developing and opening pack and shipping stores began in 2008 when a Georgia store owner who was new to the industry asked Eliot Deters, owner and CEO of The Mail Box Store, for advice on opening his store. Deters realized that he had something to offer other shopkeepers entering the industry. This realization has resulted in stores opening across the country, hitting the 50 store mark in 15 years; an impressive sign of a small family business.

All business locations are owned and operated by the people who live in the community where the business is located. What makes The Mail Box Store’s new shop development process unique is the adaptability of the packages. New stores have the option to choose their own name or use the main brand name of The Mail Box Store. Stores have used names like The Mail Center, Space Coast Pack & Ship, Box It Up, and Mailbox Max to list a few.

One of the greatest advantages of partnering with Deters and his team is being a franchise without being an actual franchise. The term is ‘turnkey’ which means that Deters and his staff set up all accounts and physically set up the branches and then hand over operations to the local shopkeepers. “It’s a very unique setup,” said Barry Pfeiffer, Director of Store Operations. “We don’t charge franchise fees or license fees like other franchise structures.” The benefits don’t stop there. Even after the store opens, Deter’s team provides additional support. Pfeiffer said, “It is almost impossible to train every scenario or encounter the business will have, so we are very aware that we make ourselves available as a resource if they have any questions or concerns. We don’t give them the keys to their business and say, ‘Good luck, hope it works!’ and leave. We want your business to be as successful as ours and we are ready to provide the support you need to make that happen. ”

Everything from creating accounts with suppliers to training in the classroom to on-site visits and setting up the store is done by Deters and his team. “It starts with determining the location, then the new owners come to our company office for a week of lessons and practical training and certification, and then the actual expansion of the store,” said Pfeiffer. “It’s always interesting to see the builders come during construction and see our organized mess of boxes and fixtures and then wonder how we can finish in less than a week. We work hard and do whatever it takes to achieve this. We aim to get the job done right and come up with a clean, professional shop because that’s who we are. ”

Once the store opens, they stay on site for a few days to train local staff on the procedures and functionality of their new equipment, followed by a follow-up visit 60-90 days later. It’s a process that has worked for over a decade and is still expanding.

As Deters explains, it goes beyond profit and sheer number of deals. “When I started this dream 14 years ago, I was doing it to help other people. It is really humbling to think how many people have been affected by the 50 stores that we have opened. There is no greater joy in this business than to see the new owners when they are introduced to their new business on the opening day! ”

The opening of Store # 50 in sunny Florida was very fitting as the future looks bright for The Mail Box Store. More stores are currently on board this year, including locations in New Jersey, Delaware, Texas, and Mississippi. According to Pfeiffer, that’s a very viable option these days. “The COVID-19 pandemic really showed us how important a company like ours is. I think that’s why we’re seeing more and more people across the country wanting to start a packing and shipping business. This industry is going nowhere and continues to be an asset to the communities. We proved that last year. ”

The Mail Box Store, based in Highland, IL, is a locally owned and operated company that provides a variety of services to the local community. The shop’s services include international shipping, mailbox rental, printing services, and more. It is Mail Box Store Highland’s goal to provide the highest standard of customer service by providing printing, packaging and shipping services with unparalleled integrity and reliability. For more information on opening a local franchise business, please call (618) 651-4700 or www.themailboxstore.net/start-your-own-store/.


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