How A Detroit Printing Firm Beat The Odds Of A Pandemic Recession

Mel Printing, a Detroit-based company, made huge profits during the pandemic, which may come as a surprise to many as printing presses have been slowly dying out since the Internet began.

How did this midsize print shop increase sales by more than $ 4 million while most of the others suffered massive losses? By opening a new service industry for e-commerce companies. Mel Printing expanded its activities to include a fulfillment center – Print Bind Ship – which offers comprehensive, customized solutions for online startups and experienced digital retailers.

Print Bind Ship was a huge success for Mel Printing. In fact, the company added 77 spots to Printing Impressions 350 Magazine, more than any other printer in the history of the magazine’s production. Due to the increase in sales and customer expansion, Printing Impressions 350 Print Bind Ship (and Mel Printing) actually named it one of the best printing companies in North America!

It’s all about strategy. As markets shrink and demand stall, companies need to be creative with their product offerings. “Grow or Die” is what they teach in business school, and that’s what Mel Printing did – grow. With Print Bind Ship, Mel Printing is now on the cutting edge of fulfillment for e-commerce.

Since its humble beginnings as a printer, the 60-year-old company has grown to include not only print production, but manufacturing, storage, packaging and distribution as well. You are now a full service third party logistics provider serving ecommerce businesses around the world.

August Grebinski, Vice President, said, “Our e-commerce customers recognize the value that physical products, especially books, have to their business. We have a customer who had an e-book and never printed a physical copy. And when they finally printed and distributed their book through us, they sold well over 1 million copies. Really all thanks to our seamless printing and distribution services. “

If your ecommerce business is struggling to get recognized, turn to Print Bind Ship for the most creative ways to reach customers.

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