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License Infringement – Daniel Arnold Brown, 32, of Adamsville, was charged with speeding and driving during a traffic obstruction in Huntingdon on January 17th.

Officer Brad Allen reported he ran over a vehicle driven by Brown after clocking the vehicle at 51 mph in a 35-mile zone on Lexington Street. A computer check revealed that Brown’s license had been suspended.

Shoplifting – Mary Beth Lancaster, 40, of Paris, was charged with theft of property under $ 1,000 in Walmart, Huntingdon on Jan. 17.

According to the report by Officer Richard Crossno, he was called to Walmart for a suspected shoplifting and when he got to the scene, Lancaster was stopped by store security while attempting to leave the store. When Lancaster was asked to accompany her to the office for questioning, he made a box containing a ladies’ watch. Lancaster admitted taking the item and said she had a problem with the stealing. Several other watch boxes were damaged during the incident, and Lancaster owes Walmart a total of $ 48.73 in restitution.

Drug Fees, License Infringement – Jermile Adams, 34, of Huntingdon, was charged with willful possession of methamphetamine, possession of Schedule VI, drug paraphernalia, and driver’s license suspension (first offense) during a traffic obstruction in Huntingdon on January 18.

According to the report by Officer Labe Ezell, he answered a call about a vehicle that had stopped in the middle of the street on Skyline Drive and was possibly asleep at the wheel. When Ezell pulled up in the vehicle, the driver (Adams) drove off and Ezell pulled the vehicle past. Ezell noticed that he could smell the smell of marijuana from inside the vehicle while speaking to Adams, and a computer check revealed that Adams’ license had been suspended. Ezell watched a clear glass tube next to the driver’s seat and a roll of small baggies on top of the center console. When the vehicle was searched, officers also found about 4.5 grams of a substance that tested positive for meth in the field, two grams of marijuana, a half-smoked marijuana cigarette, and another roll of plastic bags.

Drug Fees, Licensing Infringement – Kayla M. Carter, 30, of Huntingdon, was charged with drug possession, illicit drug paraphernalia and driver’s license disqualification during a traffic obstruction in Huntingdon on January 21st.

According to the report by Officer Joseph Hedge, he ran over a vehicle driven by Carter because he previously knew her license had been revoked. A computer check confirmed this. While he was talking to Carter, Hedge discovered the smell of marijuana. While searching the vehicle, the officer found part of a hand-rolled marijuana cigar, a bag containing a small amount of meth, a small bag of marijuana, and a pipe with residual meth in one of their pockets.