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Theft, vandalism, drugs – Camden T. Phillips, 23, of Greenfield, was charged on January 22nd at Walmart, Huntingdon, on charges of stealing goods under $ 1,000, vandalism and possession of Schedule II (methamphetamine).

According to Officer Labe Ezell’s report, he answered a call about two male shoplifters who were arrested by security at the Walmart store. Ezell identified the two men as Phillips and Christopher Copeland. Phillips admitted to having a stolen cell phone charger in his pocket. Phillips also had a small bag of meth and a cut off straw. At one point, Phillips got excited and threw his head back against the office wall, damaging the drywall. When asked if he had any pending arrest warrants against him, Phillips said he had one from Weakley County for parole offense. A computer check revealed that he actually had three active warrants for the arrest, reckless endangerment, and theft of Weakley County property. It was found that Copeland did not own any stolen items, although he admitted he was aware of the theft. Copeland wasn’t charged, but Walmart banned him from the store.

License Infringement – Daren Keith Scott, 50, of Huntingdon, was charged with driving license in Huntingdon on January 30th.

According to the report from Officer Brad Allen, he was running radar on the corner of Cotton Lane and Buena Vista Road when he saw a white Scott Chevrolet truck run into a ditch. Allen stopped next to Allen and asked if he was okay, and Allen stated that his driver’s license had been revoked. A computer check revealed that his license was suspended.

License, Insurance Violations – Joshua Keon Addison, 30, of Memphis, was charged with driving license, violating insurance law and speeding during a traffic obstruction in Huntingdon on February 1st.

According to the report by Officer Aaron Patton, he drove over a gray Infiniti that was being driven by Addison after clocking the vehicle at 72 mph in a 55 mph zone on Highway 22 South. Patton was unable to provide valid proof of insurance, and a computer check revealed that his license was suspended.

Augmented break-in, vandalism – Elfy L. McCorry, 53, of Huntingdon was arrested on January 19 in Huntingdon for theft under $ 1,000, aggravated break-in and vandalism under $ 1,000.

According to Officer Labe Ezell’s report, he answered a call from the Huntingdon Housing Authority on Jan. 13 about a break-in at 308 McCall Street. Upon arrival, Ezell found that two window panes had been cut and a window at the back of the residence had been broken. Various tools, cleaning supplies and a small ladder had been taken away. While searching behind the residence, Ezell found a footpath that led through a tree line and led to an open lot where Ezell found some of the stolen items in sight. A local resident told Ezell that McCorry told her the items were his. The next day, an unnamed person told officers that McCorry had attempted to sell the stolen tools and that McCorry’s arrest warrants were issued. On January 19, McCorry was discovered by an officer walking down Pariser Strasse and taken into custody.

Assault, Guns, Drugs – Reno R. Reyna, 24, of Huntingdon, was arrested at his home following an incident on January 25th for domestic assault, possession of a gun by a convicted criminal, and simple possession / casual exchange.

According to Officer Joseph Hedge’s report, he and other officers answered a call about someone attacked at 173 Jones Street. On arrival, Hedge found Reyna at the front door and Reyna told officers he knew nothing about an attack and that his girlfriend was at the residence. Reyna said he was going to get his girlfriend, but the officers couldn’t get inside. When the friend did not come to the door, the officers broke into the residence, where they found Kelly Harris. Hedge noticed that Harris had a red chin, some visible blood, and a scratch on his neck. At the residence, officials found a marijuana pipe, part of a hand-rolled marijuana cigar, a small amount of methamphetamine, and three meth pipes. Officers also found a 25-caliber pistol and two boxes of bullets. Hedge noted that Reyna is believed to be a convicted criminal. Hedge also noted that Harris’ attack was witnessed by several people and recorded during a Zoom meeting with Michigan court officials.

Simple attack – Robert Lee Treadway, 36, was charged with simple attacks following a January 24 incident in Huntingdon.

According to Officer Michael Verner’s report, he responded to a call about an attack on Beasley Street and upon arrival found a Mr. McCorry on the street. McCorry told the cop that Treadway attacked him. Verner went to Treadways’ nearby residence and asked him what had happened. Treadway told Verner that McCorry had given his wife a derogatory name, after which he met McCorry on the left side of his face.