Idealliance® Acknowledges Management at Closing Board Assembly Previous to Merger with PRINTING United Alliance

Alexandria, Virginia – The Idealliance Board of Directors held its final board meeting on February 18, prior to the completion of the merger between Idealliance and PRINTING United Alliance. As part of its final action during the board meeting, the board of directors celebrated the 55th anniversary of the association. Idealliance was founded in 1966 as the computer division of the printing industry in America and honored the voluntary and executive leadership of the association. Throughout its history, Idealliance has evolved with a common denominator to serve as a catalyst for technological change in a wide range of the print and packaging production process and supply chain. On March 1st, Idealliance takes its next step to serve the wider industry and become part of the PRINTING United Alliance.

Todd Maute, Idealliance’s CEO, said, “Idealliance has been at the forefront of many, if not most, major workflow transformations to remove friction in the graphical communications supply chain. The company has hired partners from upstream brands, publishers, creative and advertising agencies, and print buyers, as well as countless print service providers, industrial suppliers, and technology partners to accelerate information, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. “

During its final board meeting, Idealliance recognized every officer and director for their contributions to Idealliance over the past year to ensure a viable strategic direction for their future. These efforts began in late 2019 and resulted in the hiring of CEO Dick Ryan and Managing Director Steinhardt in April 2020. From April through this month, the Board of Directors met eight (8) times – with almost 100% attendance from all officers and directors. Each officer and director received a service award. CEO Ryan thanked and recognized each director. They are:

Chair: Todd Maute, Partner, CBX LLC
Treasurer and Past Chairman: Wayne Marshall, President of Flatout Branding & Design
Secretary: Meghan Milkowski, SVP, Commercial Operations – Printed Products and Business Services, Dow Jones & Company

Albin Baranauskas, managing director of Techkon GmbH
Andrew Bullock, Partner, Spanner LLC
Sonja Dearden, Print Production Manager, Lindt & Sprüngli
Jack Frank, Color Process Manager North America – Multi Packaging Division, WestRock
Edward Jansen, Vice President, PPS Professional Services, Canon Solutions America, Inc.
Brian Keith, Senior Program Manager – Print and Color Management, Packaging and Content, Microsoft
Traci L. Lucien, Vice President, Printing Center, AARP
Toby Saalfeld, US Director, Color Management, Ricoh USA, Inc.

CEO Ryan highlighted the steadfastness, leadership and dedication of former Treasurer and Director Jansen, former Chairman and Treasurer Marshall and Chairman Maute during the leadership change.

At the end of the board meeting, Idealliance paid tribute to David Steinhardt for his services to Idealliance from 2001 to 2021 as CEO and Managing Director. Steinhardt is now completing a long and respected career with Idealliance and the graphic communications industry. CEO Ryan announced his start with the Graphic Communications Association (GCA) (predecessor of Idealliance) as Director of Training in 1985 and then as Chief Operating Officer. Ryan said Steinhardt spent 25 years, two-thirds of his career, at Idealliance from 1985 to 1991 and then again as CEO and Managing Director between 2001 and 2021. Mr. Ryan received a recognition award for Mr. Steinhardt for recognizing his dedication and responsibility on behalf of Idealliance, helping guide many of the changes in the industry and his unique way of making many friends along the way.

During his tenure at Idealliance, he separated GCA from Printing Industries of America and renamed the new independent non-profit organization the International Digital Enterprise Alliance (Idealliance). served as an early consolidator for a fragmented industry by merging seven industry groups into Idealliance; Facilitation and publication of G7® methods and certification programs; Creation of a global platform for global color management standards by establishing international subsidiaries and joining the International Organization for Standardization (ISO); and creating one of the industry’s earliest and most outstanding online learning platforms for education and certification; Publishing of XML-based core specifications in the areas of publishing digital content, mail and distribution, supply chain for paper and forest products, and production processes in printing and packaging. The board of directors recognized Mr. Steinhardt’s tenure and service for Idealliance with standing ovations.

Mr. Steinhardt said: “Idealliance has redefined itself in every generation in order to always be one step ahead of the changes in the graphic communications industry. In doing so, standards-based, automatable processes were created that enable every part of the print and packaging supply chain to change, grow and prosper. My last business trip at Idealliance was to work with Dick Ryan, former Idealliance Chairman and now CEO, to lead Idealliance’s next strategic step. My success during my 25 years at Idealliance was based on the work of volunteer members and their transformation leadership. As Idealliance moves to the next generation change, in a rapidly changing printing and packaging industry, our association will continue to be relevant and serve its members by leading them through the next revolution. “

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