Idealliance Members Approve Merger with PRINTING United Alliance

PRINT United Alliance and Idealliance announced plans to merge the two organizations in early January. The proposed combination was approved unanimously by each of the Board of Directors, followed by a review by Idealliance Members at a meeting of active members today according to Idealliance Statutes. Idealliance The members voted in favor of the merger plan with an overwhelming majority of 96%, which serves as the final step in the implementation of the merger.

Dick Ryan, Idealliance The CEO said, “The traditional segmentation of print providers continues to be blurred and converged, which has accelerated changes in digital printing technologies. In recent years, PRINTING United Alliance has built an association that appeals to all major segments through expanded membership, a range of events and industry-leading media brands, bringing together significant resources, marketing reach and audience under one roof. At the same time, Idealliance has developed the know-how to develop and implement not only its traditional color management programs, but also new standards for training and education on a global platform. This is the right strategic move from Idealliance to better serve the graphic communications industry. “

David Steinhardt, Idealliance The managing director and former CEO for almost twenty years said: “Idealliance has always looked to the horizon to see the next strategic shift and take the practical and tactical steps to stay ahead of the curve. Pairing the two sizeable and free portfolios of Idealliance and PRINTING United Alliance will benefit every organization and industry, from brands and print buyers to print service providers to suppliers and manufacturers. Together they will really be greater than the sum of their parts. “

Ford Bowers will serve as CEO of the combined organization and Jordan Gorski will serve as Executive Director of Idealliance as part of the PRINTING United Alliance. Idealliance becomes an “association within an association” with its own membership base and defined separate programs and services. All Idealliance The staff will continue to operate as part of the combined organization. However, Dick Ryan, CEO, and David Steinhardt, Managing Director, will be leaving. In addition, two of the current directors are in the Idealliance In future, the Board of Directors will serve on the Board of Directors of PRINTING United Alliance.

The planned merger of the two organizations will be completed on March 1, 2021.

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