Iron Banner Season 13 quest information – Future 2

A complete guide to the Iron Iron Season 13 quest, Saladin’s Glove, in Destiny 2.

Iron Banner is back for Season 13 of Destiny 2 with a quest called Saladin’s Gauntlet. Lord Saladin wants you to go back to his special version of the Crucible with your best gear and take on your fellow Guardians. When you complete the Saladin’s Gauntlet quest, players will be rewarded with new Iron Banner equipment that will help increase this power level. There are plenty of Iron Banner bounties to deal with too, so let’s dive in.

Iron Banner Quest: Saladin’s Glove

The Iron Banner season 13 quest is Saladin’s Glove. This quest line consists of five steps, each of which requires you to kill, conquer zones, and kill with supers in Iron Banner with specific weapons and elemental types.

Step 1: Guardians, Zones, Solar or Arch

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Season 13 Quest Salads GloveIn the first step, players focus on defeats and zones, as well as killing solar or arc skills.

The first step in Saladin’s Glove is to defeat Guardians, capture zones, and use Sun or Bow skills to get kills. Use the bonus tree that you are most comfortable using and try to take down players with grenades, hand-to-hand combat and your super.

  • Defeated 30 guards
  • 10 zones recorded
  • 5 final strokes of the sun or arc ability

Step 2: matches, zones, power weapons

Destiny 2 Salad Glove Step 2

In this next step, Sounding Bell, many players can have problems. In this case, you will have to complete games and conquer zones, but kills with power weapons are also required. There are a few ways you can go about this. A great way to accomplish this step is with The Colony. The colony will find your enemies and make it easier to get those much-needed kills. Alternatively, you can lean into the stasis freeze mechanic and hit enemies with the hilt of your sword – even though you are out of ammo it still counts as a kill. Unfortunately, this step means you’ll be camping a lot of heavy ammo. So prepare for some frustrations.

  • Completed 6 games
  • 20 zones recorded
  • 10 kills with power weapons

Step 3: guards, zones, SMGs

Now you’ll switch to the usual cycle of using the new Iron Banner weapon to complete a step. Here you have to use a submachine gun to get kills. Any SMG will, but those rocking Warmind Cell mod builds might want to use a Seventh Seraph VY-7, or even the newest addition to the Season of the Chosen, Extraordinary Rendition.

  • Guardian defeated
  • Zones recorded
  • Final blows from the submachine gun

Step 4: supers, zones, pulse rifles

The final step (other than speaking to Saladin) is to get Pulse Rifle Kills. Season of Arrivals Cold Denial is still a personal favorite, but there are a ton of great options out there. Those who have played trials before may have a decent role from The Messenger to use. Choose a pulse rifle that you are comfortable to use and get to work.

  • 15 defeats with Super
  • Zones recorded
  • Pulse rifle final blows

Step 5: talk to Saladin

Unlike last season, which had a sixth step, the Iron Banner season 13 quest ends here. You can now return to Lord Saladin to complete the Saladin’s Gauntlet quest in Destiny 2.

Season 13 Iron Banner Bounties

While your primary focus will be completing the Iron Banner Season 13 Saladin’s Gauntlet quest, stock up on Iron Banner bounties as well. This will further your goal of getting your maximum performance this season.

Oath of the Iron Banner Pack Bounty

Destiny 2 Iron Banners Season 13 Bounties

Oath of the Pack is about working with a teammate. Defeat opponents while being assisted by another teammate. Find a random player on your team and stick with it or always move to where your teammates move.

Around the fire iron banner bounty

Record zones in the Iron Banner playlist. This is so simple that you can do it in no time. You can make bonus progress by capturing zones with team members.

Maneuver Warfare Iron Banner Bounty

Maneuver warfare requires defeating opponents when your team holds more zones. You can collect bonus points during the hunt – all three zones are held here. You can’t do too much about it other than save your super for these moments.

An arsenal of tricks Iron Banner Bounty

Defeat enemies with the skill’s final blows. If you defeat opponents with your super and enemies who are more powerful than you, you will get more progress. You might lose your strength a little if you feel brave or it will naturally be dealt with as the event progresses.

Season 13’s Iron Banner quest, Saladin’s Glove, is shorter than previous seasons but has that pesky power weapon step. Provided you can do this without too much stress, consider getting yourself some new Iron Banner gear that you can flaunt. Remember to keep playing for the chance of more random weapon rolls and bonus combinations. Check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for more help during the Season of the Chosen, as well as information on any future content losses.

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