Jolt Introduces its All-New Print Station — Enhancing Meals Label Printing for Meals Service Operators

The Jolt Print Station, in combination with the Jolt cloud-based Jolt Label Printing Application, is a fast, reliable solution for label printing and offers a variety of label types such as expiration dates, nutritional information, grab-and-go and more. The JPS uses thermal printing that does not require ink and can withstand hostile environments such as a kitchen.

The JPS contains a digital display that provides easy access to multiple label templates. Employees can print perfectly accurate labels in seconds, ensuring compliance with brand standards and food safety requirements.

Jolt CEO Josh Bird said, “Jolt has provided a world-class food labeling system since our inception. As we watched the changes in today’s connected kitchen and the resulting network challenges, we knew we needed to develop a reliable, fast, and easy-to-use label printing solution that did not rely on a local network infrastructure to perform the critical task of food safety labeling to be fulfilled. “

“Our goal is to create a solution that is lightning fast, simple, easy to use, and offers the hardwired reliability our customers want in this critical aspect of their business,” said Eric Neilsen, vice president of development at Jolt . . “We also realized that many of our customers may need more than a single printer solution, so now they have two options with the JPS-1000 and the JPS-2000, which supports printing two label sizes at the same time, and both have options for an installation on the worktop or on the wall. “

Jeff Pinc, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said, “In addition to releasing our latest JPS innovation, customers will also have the option of leveraging Jolt’s brand new financial solutions to purchase all of Jolt’s offerings. Purchasing the JPS as a managed services package gives customers everything they need to use Jolt in their stores, including software, hardware and JoltProtect ™, with manageable monthly payments over time. We recognize that many of our clients, who have had one of the most difficult years for small businesses, do not have the up-front capital to help them meet their immediate and long-term business goals. “

For a limited time, Jolt is offering a trade-in program to upgrade to the Jolt Print Station. This program is available to both new and existing Jolt customers who are using an older label printer and are looking for a better, more reliable, and less expensive labeling solution. Finally, JoltProtect ™ is available for the JPS and offers a 36-month or 48-month fault-free guarantee to protect your equipment.