Keller chamber, display printing retailer accomplice to assist enterprise neighborhood

The Greater Keller Chamber of Commerce is partnering with Keller Trophy & Awards to sponsor a t-shirt fundraiser for the business community. (Courtesy Keller Chamber)

Following recent successes with the Community Curbside Giveback and Keep Calm Carry Out campaigns, the Greater Keller Chamber of Commerce is finding new ways to continue supporting the local business community.

The chamber is now working with the local screen printing and embroidery business, Keller Trophy & Awards, 425 N. Main St., Keller, to sponsor a t-shirt fundraiser.

The T-shirts carry the slogan “Eat Local. Local business. Local editions. Enjoy Basement ”and includes logos and names of nearly 40 companies and individuals in the Basement community.

“We wanted to do something to help our business community,” said JoAnn Malone, president of the Greater Keller Chamber of Commerce. “The money we have collected from it will be used in our campaign to reopen Keller. The Chamber will put together a lot of activities, events and promotions as we get out of it. “

The main goal of the chamber is to support the basement companies, said Malone. Chamber members shouldn’t hesitate to contact staff when they’re in need, she said.

“Eat locally, shop locally, spend locally, enjoy the basement” T-shirts can be bought here.

T-shirts are $ 20 each and are made from 100% cotton. There is no limit to the number of t-shirts a person or company can order.

The deadline for orders is April 15th. T-shirts can be purchased from the Greater Keller Chamber of Commerce, 420 Johnson Road, Ste. 301, basement, from April 24th.

“More than ever, we want to make sure that people eat locally, shop locally, spend locally and enjoy cellar,” said Malone.