Kick It Round Soccer Store house owners open new display screen printing, embroidery store in Flint

FLINT, MI – Kick It Around Soccer Shop has been known for 37 years for providing high quality screen printing and embroidered goods to the soccer community.

Because of that reputation – and a desire to branch out beyond the football community – co-owners Mary Fiebernitz and Doug Burroughs opened Glory Days, a new screen printing and embroidery shop that will make bespoke liquor and general merchandise for the public.

“Kevin (Fiebernitz, Mary Fiebernitz’s husband) and I sat around one day wondering how we could get an old Southwestern Colts hat or t-shirt from some schools that have closed in the area over the years and we thought many people could benefit from it, ”said Burroughs.

“The soccer store has a limited market. The opening of Glory Days will allow us to expand to a larger market and make spirits, coffee mugs, shirts for church or family gatherings, uniforms for companies and much more. “

Located in the Kick It Around Soccer Shop at 3618 Fenton in Flint, Glory Days opened in late February and Kevin Fiebernitz said he thinks the business can have the same level of success that the soccer shop has seen.

“We currently have six major football customers and we built that through quality work, quality products and competitive prices,” he said.

The owners formed Glory Days as a standalone Kick It Around company to preserve the roots of the football business.

A jacket is waiting to be embroidered at the Glory Days on February 28th. The new Flint shop offers bespoke embroidery and screen prints. Sammy Jo Hester |

Burroughs said there are plenty of other screen printing and embroidery on site, but he said Glory Days is unique because of some of the specialties it can offer its customers.

“Aside from our quality and competitive prices, we’ve trained in many high schools here and seen many of them nearby,” he said. “We know people want spirit wear from their old high schools or high schools that their kids may have attended, and we will be able to provide that for them.”

The store has a six-color screen printing machine as well as an on-site embroidery machine and also offers graphic design services, some of which are done in-house and some of which are sub-contracted.

The Glory Days are open to the public Monday through Friday from 12:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., but can be used for other hours on request.

According to Burroughs, customers can contact the shop by calling 810-232-4986 or 810-569-3877, or by emailing You can view product lists and place orders on the company’s website.