Lansing screen-printing firm raises $35,000 for native companies

Skyler Ashley

FRIDAY, May 8th – Lansing screen printing company Flat Out Graphics is doing its part to help small businesses weather the effects of the coronavirus.

The I Am Lansing Campaign, registered as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, invites the community to purchase Lansing t-shirts for $ 20 and select a local business to make a $ 13 donation of the transaction. To date, Flat Out Graphics has sold 2,190 shirts and raised $ 35,428 across the 106 different companies it has registered for the campaign. Flat Out Graphics is also donating $ 1,000 to be shared between qualifying companies that register for the campaign. Those who are not interested in buying a T-shirt can make a direct donation instead.

Flat Out Graphics owner Matt Crumb started his own charity drive after working on ideas with other screen printers on social media.

“The campaign started after we spoke to other businesses across the country on social media and learned what they are doing to help businesses affected by the pandemic,” said Crumb.

Crumb’s own business has been affected by the coronavirus economic calamity. Despite the success of I Am Lansing, Crumb said Flat Out Graphics had an 85 percent drop in orders and was laying off its four long-time employees.

“When it came time to say, ‘Hey, I have to fire you guys because the work just isn’t there,’ it hit me pretty hard,” Crumb said. “Small business owners – we are all one and the same. We pride ourselves on our business and our people. “

Given the overwhelming number of t-shirts ordered and I Am Lansing’s status as an officially registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit, Crumb hopes the campaign can continue into the future.

“Maybe I Am Lansing can stay for a while. We hope that we can help companies affected by catastrophic events in the future, or that we can give money to small startups. The possibilities are endless. ”Said Crumb.

To buy a t-shirt to help a small Lansing business, visit