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Messy behavior / attack – McKenzie police received a call from a Sonic agent last Wednesday evening, September 29, saying that a customer came into the building and threw BBQ sauce all over the place and cursed her. The employee said the customer went with a woman who drove a white Nissan Altima. The Altima was later discovered and stopped by another officer. Three female subjects were identified. Mariah Cook, 19, of Jackson, admitted to pelting the Sonic employee with BBQ sauce. Officer Cody Coleman checked Sonic’s security materials and saw Cook toss the barbecue sauce. Cook was quoted as saying “Simple Assault and Disorderly Conduct”.

Domestic attack Investigator Justin Brister got down last Tuesday night, the 27th. The victim advised her to come home and found Thomas Harris, 67, of McKenzie, very drunk and angry. The victim was pushed several times while trying to calm him down. Harris admitted pushing the victim, was arrested and charged with domestic violence, and was taken to the Carroll County Jail.

Criminal trespassing – On the night of Wednesday, September 29, officers were called to the Relax Inn about a person escorted from the property earlier that day. Robert Jarvis, 67, from Paris, had entered a room shortly before the arrival of Officer Darren Davis. Davis contacted two other officers to make sure they had escorted him out of the compound beforehand. After learning that they escorted him from the property, Davis arrested Jarvis and charged him with trespassing.

Messy behavior – According to a report by Officer Cody Coleman, he answered last Thursday night, the 30th Coleman, and two other officers responded to the call. Officers learned the man was there to retrieve his father’s belongings and the landlord had said Diggs couldn’t return until the man was gone. Diggs got very aggressive and started yelling and cursing about the situation. Since it was a residential area and it was late at night, Coleman arrested Diggs for misconduct.

Shoplifting – Last Thursday, September 30th, Gerry Sharp, manager of Dollar General, reported to police that she had a shoplifter in the store. According to a report by Officer Andy Weaver, he confronted McKenzie’s Jessica Doster, 39, and she denied hiding the lotion in her purse, claiming she bought it days earlier and had a receipt. Doster was unable to produce the receipt and was cited in the Carroll County General Sessions Court for shoplifting. She was verbally banned from the store by Officer Weaver and the store manager.

Public intoxication – Early Thursday morning, September 30th, a woman stopped a police officer and reported that she had lost her boyfriend, who was later identified as Patrick Oliver. According to a report by Sgt. Cody Coleman, several officers were involved in the search for Oliver and found him near the Old West Steakhouse. Oliver, 30, from Dyersburg, appeared to be under the influence of some kind of intoxicant. Coleman charged Oliver with public intoxication and sued him in the Carroll County General Sessions Court.

DUI – According to a report from Officer Justin Brister, he was sent to McDonalds because of a possible drunk driver. Brister arrived to find a white Dodge Ram pickup truck parked in a parking lot and found the driver, identified as Levi Miller, 24, of McKenzie, passed out on the seat. Brister was watching a half-empty bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey and a Bud Light beer can on the back seat of the truck. After Miller was awakened, he was asked to take field sobriety tests, on which he did poorly. He was arrested and charged with primary DUI offenses and taken to Carroll County Jail.